Astero for Angel Epic Arc?

Seems this would work, given the null sec locations and combat requirements. Well trained in Caldari and Amarr ships, any suggestion of those if not Astero?

Thanks in advance!

Ceptors. It can be done in Crusader or Taranis with active rep. Added bonus, you are harder to intercept by the regular camps on 8G- and K-Q areas.

Thx for the info. Rockets or Light Missiles? --Crow

I would not use a Crow at all. You cannot reduce the align time enough to make it near insta warp without seriously compromising the combat capabilities. If you can only use Caldari ceptors, go for the Raptor with Blasters I would say.

I thought it was rather weak on the DPS front. Well, back to training the right ship and weapons. Not in a big hurry anyway. Appreciate the input!

Are either of the minnies worth using?

I did that arc pretty cheaply just a couple weeks ago. Started in a T1 frigate with T2 mods/weapons and after embarrasingly losing it to arc NPCs (webbed, scrambled and chose wrong targets, my own fault) brought in a T1 destroyer with mostly T2 stuff to finish it. Never saw any gate camps or anyone scoping me out for a gank at all, but that might be because of when I played - between 22 and 04 EVE time on two consecutive nights (Sunday-Monday and Monday-Tuesday). There was seldom even anyone in the systems I had to go to or travel through. Maybe they were busy fighting somewhere else or asleep.

So losing the frig but recovering most of the mods/guns I guess I lost about 500K on that plus ammo spent.

edit: I also came in from the Minmatar side, which maybe is a less popular route?

Did the arc in a Tristan (I still love that boat), Astero should be fine but IMO overkill. By that time four years ago, getting in and out around downtime was no issue. I ran the arc over one weekend.

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