What ship is this?

Hi everyone, one week into Eve and very much enjoying the experience. I know what type of ship I want based on a play style I’m used to in other games. If I may use Star Citizen as an example, I generally prefer a ship like the Constellation. Able to handle high end bounties and explore, move some cargo and if attacked really punch back hard with guns and missiles if needed but not looking to PVP as the reason I boarded the ship today.

Am I describing a frigate or perhaps a destroyer? I know the games are apples and oranges but if someone can provide the comparative example in EVE it would be very appreciated.
Thank you

Gave a quick glance to the Constellation class (which has 4 variants) on the ScamCitizen wikia wiki and if I understand it correctly it is a kind of general purpose workhorse kind of ship. Oddly a combination of freighter, and a bounty hunter drone boat. :thinking:

In EVE ships generally either fulfill combat roles (may it be PvE or PvP) or other (such as haulers or other specialized ships like logistics, miners and so on).

So it is more of a question what specific purpose(s) you’d like to use the ship for and which region of space (security level and so on) as most likely you will either use one type of ship for related purposes or other types based on other kinds.

If you want to go with one ship that probably can do most at the same time a strategic cruiser or tactical destroyer might be your choice. They are omega only and can switch between different modes. However as a result are generally much more pricey and require more trained character and learned player skill to fly well, as such might be better to learn using cheaper ships first until you can confidently fly more advanced ships.

Tactical Destroyers - EVE University Wiki (T3D)
Strategic Cruisers - EVE University Wiki (T3C)

For that lower tier multi-role general purpose functionality my personal recommendation is what I myself use on all of my alts regardless how highly or lowly trained as it has minimal skill requirements, though it is a jack of all trades but master of none so if you have a specific activity in mind a proper specialized ship (explorer, combat, hauler, and so on) would probably be a better choice and depending on what level enemies you want to kill (you mention high bounties) a higher class ship like a cruiser, battlecruiser or battleship and so on might be better.

Of course you can alter the fit to tune it for your specific use cases to be more efficient than this general purpose variant.

Of course there are cheaper alternatives when it comes to destroyers or might even use a different class altogether (both up and down so a frigate or cruiser and so on) depending on what you plan to do.

If this is too low tier of a ship (destroyer) or not specialized enough then you can check the full ship list at the below link and choose one that is more suitable until you can fly a T3D or T3C.

Ships - EVE University Wiki (See the list at the end of the page.)

Also other people probably will provide their own insight and with some back and forth probably could figure out a more specific ship for the job(s) you plan to accomplish.


In Eve people collect multiple ships. Of both the same hull and different hulls. The reason is that ship hulls are bonuses so that each shines in a different way. Even the same hull can be fitted in different ways. Hence, people collect multiple ships and choose the right one for the job.

So there won’t be a single ship that is comparable. However, by fitting and skilling into a variety of hulls, you can cover your bases.

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I think the Gnosis is designed that way, but to be honest: Specialization always beats generalization.
Don’t get too attached to a ship, it’s just a tool you can swap within seconds.


Or lose

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Is that game ever getting released?

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Just imagine
thousand and tens of thousands
of dollars
worth of ships
getting ganked.

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How does ship loss work in star citizen? Is it like elite dangerous and you have to pay a portion of it to get it back or something?

No idea to be honest. Maybe you can read about it on the ScamCitizen wiki or something. Besides that thing hasn’t been released yet after so many years so who knows how it will work in the final product when it releases sometimes during the next (4th) millennium. :wink: :smirk: :upside_down_face:

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Dun wanna read something super long which i bet the wiki is, prefer a tl;dr or no explanation at all as both of those are just as acceptable to me.

You get your ship ship returned with same configuration prior to destruction for free. The only penalty is waiting out a timer to “process” the insurance claim.