What to do for ISK when playing Solo?

Solo play for isk is a waste of time.
Solo play to learn is what I do.
Missions are for when I want to take it easy.
Fleeting with people is what I like. Feeling useful is best.
my two cents

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Internet is there.

As is ye old experiment and jsut try things out.

Some fun projects for me have been not great isk makers. Not great results at the end.

They were still fun, all that mattered.

Example: One can fix rokh’s cap issue with projectiles. Ideal…no? Fun, yes. Dps loss is not really a major thing eiher…no dps bonus on Rokh.

That made for a few days of fun for me long ago. then I went to back old reilable’s. Till the the next freaky idea came to mind.

I agree. The point is to play EvE, not work at EvE.inc

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Solo play for isk is what I have nearly always done, and 30 odd Billion in the bank proves it can be easily achieved, yes it takes time but so what?


Your total ISK income this year was 76,073,894,281 (top 3 % ) but 33,289,693,820 ISK left your wallet (top 5 %). That’s a net difference of 42,784,200,461, which puts you in the top 1 %.

Are you quoting the statistic for your time spent playing games for over a whole calendar year?

100 PLEX is $4.99. That makes 1 PLEX about $0.0499.

PLEX is on the market currently for 4.89M (highest buy) and 4.95M (lowest sell), let’s do 4.89M in your favor.

Your 42,784,200,461 is 8,749.325 PLEX which is $436.59.

When someone can earn $436.59 in a much shorter timeframe at a job and get 12,000 PLEX for $419.99 then they get:

  • 12,000 PLEX (+3250.675 more than your 8,749.325 PLEX-equivalent)
  • Which is worth 58,680,000,000 (+15,895,799,539 more than your 42,784,200,461)
  • Plus they get a year’s worth of game time to play the game without treating it like a job

Your statistic shared is not very compelling. You might find it an achievement that you are proud of, but not everyone values wasting their time grinding in boring repetitive PvE gameplay for the ISK number to go up. Maybe if there were a power play involved like monopolizing a regional resource or forming a cartel with few suppliers would it interest folks, but that would be about the social interactions moreso than the “wallet ISK number go up” as it is not a universally appealing brag.

That number might look impressive at first, but I’ve made just over 30 bil since the 25th of dec when I went Omega again. If I keep that up, it will be over 300 bil by this time next year.

Granted, I’m short on money irl right now but not time. If I had the money, I would grind less and just buy PLEX to fund my PvP experiments on my alts.

No plex or real life cash involved and the spend was on building a stock of ships, mainly marauders.

Plus, I like the grind, I find it relaxing.

Good for you, but I don’t see what it has to do with my two cents.
Is it because I wrote “Solo play for isk is a waste of time?”
Maybe I should’ve elaborated it to: "… a waste of time for me.
I’m glad you have the time to grind and make EvE your job but I can’t do that so buying PLEX makes sense in my case.
Two cents turned into a dollar

You seem to perceive that it’s a job for me, it isn’t.

I can log on and mine, mission, explore, rat, whatever takes my fancy on any particular day.

As I said, I find it relaxing and can chill with the grind, some can’t and that’s fair enough.

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