What to do with Alts

Hi all,

I want to use the alt slots on my account to generate some passive income, i am not adverse to investing a few mill SP or doing a bit of hard work to get them up to scratch.

When i played back in 2013 data core agents where a way to get some passive income but from what i read today is that is no longer viable? So I have come here to ask if anyone has any ideas for these slots going forward?


Planetary Interaction.

Faction warfare can be a great income tool for an alt, using the LP to buy and sell items

Passive … skillpoint farms (using the 450 PLEX certificates)? Plus PI, BPO research/copying, mass production, reactions in future. At least that is what I would do, if I would play with alts. This should easily net you 2B minimum per months extra for two chars.

The following is a list of good passive income methods, mostly listed from easiest to most difficult

Planetary interaction
-Set it up on some planets, keep it running and pick up the stuff every now and then and sell it.
-Advanced and Specialized PI material production can net much higher profits, but requires much higher investment of time and isk, so is essentially not passive anymore.

Then Market Hub Trading
-Buy low sell high
-Buy modules that have reprocessed mineral value greater than the module cost, and sell the reprocessed minerals

-Research blueprints for high demand products
-Research the market to ensure you can buy the materials for less than the selling price of the product
-Buy the materials, build the product and sell it.

-Buy expensive blueprints and research them(capital ships, citadels etc)
-Bundle all components together that users will need
-Create copies and sell them through contracts

Space rental
-Create a large and powerful corp alliance
-Dominate an area of null/lowsec
-Threaten all small corps living in the area to give you isk in order to get onto your blue list

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thank you probably going to try PI then ill have a bash at some other stuff.

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