What's it like to live in null?


I’ve been playing on and off for 9 years (well, more off than on, my main has some 58M sp). I’ve always been a carebear, manufacturing and selling stuff in highsec. I was a member of a couple small, casual corps, and then I played solo for a while.

I’m thinking about coming back, but I don’t think I feel like playing again the same EVE I’ve always played. The thing is I don’t want to be the employee of some guy, having to log in at scheduled times, having to leave what I’m doing to fullfill some corp duty, having to train what some guy tells me to train. Now, I know you can’t expect a corp to give you guidance, facilities, a good system to make isk, and don’t give it anything.

So I guess my point is: I’d like to try pvp (I have some “decent” combat skills), things like ratting and fleet mining in null (I’ve made my fair share of mining, but solo in high)… While I need to make a decent amount of ISK in order to pay my Omega account. It’d be cool to make some industry stuff, but I don’t know how this works in null, being part of a corp/alliance. I’d be more than willing to join cta’s now and then, go roaming once in a while, help my corp in whatever way I can, but again, without feeling I’m playing as a duty.

Do you guys thinks it’s possible this kind of gameplay? How hard would paying one Omega account be living in null and at the same time to have free time to burn isk doing pvp or just chilling? How hard is it to find yourself a place in null markets?


Jita Highsec Suicide Ganking pays fine, every 5 minutes 100-1000 Million ISK loot @ weekend, if you have a good gank team which scouts and scans cargo well. Why 0sec if the good lays so close :smiley:

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There are many types of null sec space, not all have CTAs. NPC Null may be something to consider, but it sounds like it will all come down to finding a corp that suits you, I’d suggest putting a post in the recruitment channel, and be very specific as to what it is your looking for.

Also don’t forget there are jump clones, so if you have your industry (manufacturing) setup somewhere in HS all ready to go you could always jump clone back to start more jobs/sell things/etc then bounce back to your null home to do pvp/support the corp.




i lived in null in two ways
first was in TNT, big corp … its nice , you have to like it, i particularly don’t like the corp life a lot , its safe, you can do a lot of money , but you have do follow some rules , the part i liked the most was undocking from the 1dq keepstar plug on coms and chill listening to my fellow alliance m8s talking ■■■■ seeing the glorious capital ships undocked , i still have friends there , they LOVE it , the fleets , the safety the big ships , it depend much on the person but i recommend to try at least once

second was NPC null sec, you are a pirate , docked in NPC station , wanting to take a little piece of the rat pie and kill some dudes for loot , its nice because 00 don’t have gate guns , so you can kill haulers and ■■■■ , i prefer low sec because you can do Faction Warfare and earn sweet LP dong virtually the same thing

yes is possible to do A LOT of industry in null , they have a gigantic industrial power and build BIG stuff


The way I used to play would demand full commitment to it (yes, I was one of those -0,01 isk Jita zombies…), plus if I’m not wrong jumping from clone to clone has a cooldown… And tbh, the best chance I get engaged with EVE again is trying something new; industry yes, but away from solo highsec.

The idea of big fleet pvp sounds awesome, especially when you see those EVE ads or ted talks about how New Eden History was made… But I’m not sure whether reality is so exciting; if it involves waiting 2/3 of the time and playing the actual battles at 1 frame per minute I don’t think I’d like it…

In any case I have no idea about pvp, the only way I see not giving up on it after 1 week losing (cheap) ships is having nice corp mates who teach me.

On the industry, what I mean is, because I know they do A LOT of it in null, if a newcomer can find their place over there and make decent isk or the “slots” are already taken by veterans not willing to share their profits.

Expecting to be given access to slots from day one is perhaps not realistic. But I’m pretty sure that 1) once you prove yourself to be an asset to the organization they would offer you “more” (slots, roles, rights, titles), and 2) you can make enough money by crabbing in null to build and maintain your own infrastructure (if you get the rights to anchor, or via an alt) to do the stuff you like, if need be.

I can only recommend living in null (or low, or w-space). It opens the game, period. Just need to find an organization that fits your needs, and you fit in with them. Older organizations are not necessarily better, and finding teachers/mentors for pvp is a game of chance. As to big fleet pvp, that’s usually not the most enjoyable. Small fleet roaming (like the devs do sometimes) is a lot of fun and fast paced. Most pvp oriented groups do those.

p.s. 1) there’s a lot of things you can try, I’m sure you know, like developing a second character for pvp, or trying it out via an alpha account and pumping some extra sp into that one.
p.s. 2) many corporations in nullsec are predominantly one activity (indy) or the other (pvp), at least from my experience. It’s hard to combine both because each activity seems to attract a particular type of player, and yes, sometimes that leads to friction if not handled appropriately by the ceo and his team.

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I found the smaller fleets and fights were more fun. Once TiDi starts getting noticeable it’s annoying.

Maybe, when I have more time and if the game hasn’t been ruined, I’ll head back to null.

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You can create a new alpha account and join me in brining NRDS back to Providence :slight_smile:

I don’t know of any alliance in the game that does this. I’ve never heard of being required to log in at scheduled times or being given a “corp duty” without volunteering for it. (like, really, why would a corp trust a random new member with important corp duties).

You can join any nullsec alliance and end up immediately in the giant pool of faceless blobs that no one pays attention to. As long as you’re not a spy (or act like one), then no one will care. Alliances will ping big fleet fights and you may be encouraged to train certain ships, but you’re never forced.

All they’re doing is creating content for you to participate in. Want in on a big fight? Cool, there’s a timer coming up for a structure and the enemies are trying to defend it, we’re gonna have a fight. Do you want to go roaming? Cool, an FC is getting a small gang together to go harass some neighbors.

When you’re joining an alliance, you have to realize you’re joining a community. Treating it like a job right off the bat sets you off on the wrong foot and will make you suspicious of everyone from the get go, which is a dumb way to go about it. You’re not just living in nullsec and mooching off them, you’re part of the community. And since it’s a video game, members of the community will want to create content and encourage you to participate in it.

If all you want to do is treat nullsec like NPC space but with lower security, you’re going to get booted out because you’re not a good fit for the community.


You should not have difficulties to find a nice Nullsec corp. Living in Nullsec is not that hard or dangerous as it seems. I personally feel much saver in Nullsec just for the fact that if someone enters Local, i know exactly if that guy is a friend or will try to hunt/shoot me. I allways get a bit paranoid in High-Sec if i have a catalyst lurking arround somewhere near me and can’t do something against it :wink:

If you are interrested trying out NPC 0, i could recommend you I-Red (Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive) in Syndicate for example. Cool bunch of guys with the right attitude to the game.

Just don’t be afraid to get your feets wet. Try out some alliances / corps and if it doesn’t fit your playstyle, try another one until you find your place. If you have more questions, feel free to contact me ingame.

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