SYNDICATE PVP/INDUSTRY - Revenent Defence Corporation [RDC/I-RED]

(John Revenent) #1

Revenent Defence Corporation [R.D.C.]

Syndicate PVP

RDC is a member of the Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive, and has been based in Syndicate for the past Nine years. Our corporation is a small tight-knit pvp-focused group with an experienced core membership and we’re looking to open our doors to like-minded individuals.

We like small-gangs, alliance tournaments (lol) & fighting above our weight class. Join us today!


  • Casual but active EU/US TZ Players
  • Mature & Respectful attitude toward peers
  • Ability to be self-sufficient
  • Discord/Teamspeak & Microphone


  • Small-Gang PvP
  • Ship Replacement Program
  • Industrial Opportunities (Mining/Production)
  • Casual laid-back atmosphere
  • No Minimum Skillpoint Requirement


  1. John Revenent / US TZ
  2. Creetalor / EU TZ
  3. Khromace / US TZ
  4. Valdezi / AU TZ

Public Channel: Red Steele

Anxious Pilot Looking for Home
Newbro looking for a corp. Love exploration and PVP
Returning player after many years
New player looking for corp
Newbie in US-EST seeking corp w/Discord
Newish Player looking for corp (2.5M SP)
85 million Gallente pilot looking for new home
Lf active groups
(Valdezi) #2

Come for small gang warfare and non-blobby cap fights. Stay for tea.

(John Revenent) #3

Always looking for new faces. Come pew rocks or people, either works for us.

(Valdezi) #4

Still recruiting PVPers, Industrialists. All TZs.

Multi Toons Pilot Looking for new Home
(Alex Hinkelmann) #5

Jump on board for some old school roaming fun.

[USTZ] Old Player Returning w/ Alts - Industry/PVP
87m SP returning player
Returning Player LF nulsec Corp-17.4 SP
Returning Player looking for Corp 14M SP
(Valdezi) #6

Looking for PVPers and Industrialists, Syndicate region.

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(John Revenent) #7

Got a few new folks to the game. Looking to add some more motivated people!

(Valdezi) #8

We are always recruiting. Check us out in Red Steele channel or drop a line to any of our recruiters.

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(Valdezi) #9

Recruiting still, numbers building up. Contact us for mature but laid-back approach. PVP / Industry.

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Corp Found
Bittervet looking to be convinced to come back (No Blocs)
(Valdezi) #10

Starting to build up our numbers. Come check us out for PVP / Industry / Laid back, mature approach.

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(Creetalor) #11

Numbers still rising but still recruiting.

(chekerss) #12

I know these people! Absolutely amazing group to pal around with. I’ve spent 10 years planning my revenge for that one time they killed my Rifter and soon it will all be worth it!

(chekerss) #13

WTB people who want long term low payoff revenge.

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(Dash121) #14

Love this group. Very laid back group. I just want to get on and pew pew after a stressful day. They make that happen without the drama. Plus, they help you with what ever you want to get into. PVP, PVE, mining, PI, production, market…and so on. Awesome group for vets that are tired of grinding as well as new players.

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(Kevrev) #15

Are you part of Caldari FW? Was looking at Eve Who Info. If you’re not part of FW currently will you be going back to it if CCP quits assigning it a low priority? Also Corporation is spelled wrong in Eve Who fyi…

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(John Revenent) #16

It is very unlikely that we will be rejoining FW. We’ve been operating in Syndicate for almost a decade and I don’t see that changing.

As for the name, yeah. Stuff happens when your under the influence of alcohol.

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(Kevrev) #17

Ok that tells me you must be enjoying Syndicate then. I definately like the NPC aspect of it. Oh and Defence is wrong too lol :}

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(John Revenent) #18

For Americans yeah. :slight_smile:

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(Kevrev) #19

I was in Syndicate w/E-Uni for awhile. Lots of Bookmarks around there still.

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(Eric Von-Zipper) #20

I met John Revenent under very unpleasant circumstances… I was (well still am) a new player and was pursuing an Agent’s Mission into low sec space… John and company jumped my shiny new Cruiser (that I was barely able to pilot, a caution note to players driving rigs with minimal skills) and proceeded to spank my arse in spectacular fashion… I think I lasted about 10 seconds or so.

Before I was even over the shock, and seriously considering whether or not I wanted to continue playing this game, John contacted me and appologized for Ganking a newbie like myself. He also gave me more ISK than I had invested in my ship. We exchanged some communications, and he invited me to join I-Red. I did, and have prospered (and been podded a time or three) while under the I-Red banner. I wouldn’t presume to make any claims as to John’s fiscal policy regarding similar situations, so don’t expect a hand out, but and hand up is pretty much a given, for suitably minded individuals.

The description John wrote above is pretty accurate. Friendly players with a lot of experience they share, and are ready to help guide or assist as appropriate. I’d likely be a very green, oblivious and overconfident high-sec PVE player who would be woefully unprepared for a walk on the dark side without the tutelage gained under the I-Red banner.

So, if you’re ready to learn some of the hard facts of life in Eve, away from the comfort and security of high-sec and willing to go camping the the deep dark woods where Lions and Tigers and Scorpions (Oh MY! ) roam, then THIS is a good place to be.