Bittervet looking to be convinced to come back (No Blocs)

I’m not logged into Eve at the I can’t join your channel, but I can respond to evemails so feel free to message me there if interested

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Whatever is most convenient for you man! I like that you want to be part of a group that takes space. Our alliance has very FEW blues and no one in Pure Blind.

I think a lot of people go for the renter/giant blue doughnut out of fear and lack of experience. Taking space is risky…but THAT is the game. Building your own empire is risky…but if someone GIVES it to you, where’s the challenge?

I’m new to Sov warfare/politcs so we’re very lucky to have an Alliance Exec who knows what he’s doing, has similar views, isn’t into forcing people into the I Win Doctrine of the Month. (we do have doctrines but not the ridiculous skill requirements etc)

Big challenges is to recruit and train pilots in pvp and basic industry to survive in 0.0. Only the tough are going to make it! And that’s a good thing in our view.

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… 17 million SP? You don’t have the support skills nor experience (check your killboard) to fly much at all, dude. Seems like a lot of entitlement here; with nothing to back it up.

Pretty much the only groups that are going to TAKE space are high SP veterans, e.g Triumvirate, otherwise they’re going to end up making lots of deals and being pets of a large nullbloc.

Go find a budding highsec group and contribute to them, luckily with all the changes highsec is experiencing a nice revival. Maybe that’ll lead to new blood in nullsec, but you won’t be breaking in without raw talent (which isn’t really enough anymore, and won’t come from highsec) or being pets (renting, diplomacy, etc). Your other best bet is wormholes, where you can build a home away from the blob.


Thanks for pointing that out, I actually have 58 million sp. 17bil was something else. Woops. Been gone too long, UI moved around a bit.

What I’m really looking for is a smaller group with the drive to control their own space without relying on others. If you think that’s Impossible then you’re not someone I’ll likely be flying with. Also, you should really never tell someone to go to a hisec Corp unless you’re trying to get them to quit the game… That’s bad juju

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I read your post. Just so you know. I’m also going to tell you that my corp is not what your looking for. I’m going to throw it up here anyways, because people change their minds. |'m putting the spam at the bottom since we both know you prolly won’t read it. We are part of Fraternity, just started a war with Legacy Co. (Test, Brave, and friends have declared war against us) We have a corp full of people all over 20. We have a few FC’s bitter vets, experienced WH people, industry people. The corp pretty much has something for everyone. Back to the part where you should join us, at the coalition level we have one of the best FC’s in the game Elo Knight to fly for. I can guarantee you will not be fighting for the blob most of the time it is equal or we are the smaller group. What you will find here is a large group of people online in just our corp. Logistics by our corp if you need it and a bunch of new friends.

======Join Us======
Phocas Legacy
What we offer
==>Null sec PVP, PVE, Industry
==>Must be at least 18 years old
==>15 Mil SP minimum
==>Multiple tonns
==>Must be active, on coms, and want to pvp
==>What we offer SRP, Corp buy back on ore
and salvage, experienced Fc’s, premium systems

Join PH.L Pub ingame For recruitment

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Thanks for the honesty, I’ll keep you in mind if I switch lanes. Though I’m still mad at Elo Knight for his shenanigans during the fountain war. I stayed up many a night cheering on Black Legion against goons.

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Cheers, good luck in your search

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Greeting Pilot o7

I am also a returning player, but from a lot longer than you. Going back maybe 10years for me!

But I know your plight, I have come back and have now ended up helping run a new corp. Like yourself, I always find myself in newer corps helping them get to the level I want to be at.

Our corp isn’t interest in the command & conquer which you seem to seek, so our Corp probably isn’t for you as we are high sec, industrial and mining Corp. But as a fellow Pilot, I could do with someone relatable to my plight!

So if you don’t find what you are looking for, but want to come back to Eve for the crack and know you’re just gonna end up in a corp helping them again as a part of the whole rinse and repeat path that seems to happen to folk like us, then bare me in mind, please! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck finding you’re home know and if it falls through know you have our Corp to fall back on. Just like that drug den dealers always find themselves going back to when they try a ‘clean break’ and end failing and going back to what they know haha :smiley:

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Hi Zee. My name is spicey,

i think i have exactly what your looking for. so feel free to add me on discord for a chat!

we are a small gang alliance focused on taking our own pocket set apart from all the major blocs and we are not aligned with anyone, we have NIPS for structures but we still shoot anyone and everyone!

no blues, all hostiles, lots of fun lots of content. feel free to ping me on discord under the screen name marleath orteska.

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I can’t stand this thing about people just posting links trying to flash off how great they look on kill boards and how large the corporation is and they are so great I totally agree.

Let me first start out saying, we are a HS corp neighboring a LS system and close to null so we can go out quickly to cause some ■■■■ with our neighbors. To make things friendly to new players and not have a fear of getting torched when flying around by war targets we own no stations as an alliance so we can not be war dec’d. I have been working hard at building this corporation for the last several months. I feel that it is growing well.

I do agree with you that renting and being friends with people to live in a certain space is complete BS. I want to be able to take over space and defend it from anybody that comes in. That is what I am trying to build here. The alliance is great that we are part of, and we are totally wanting to take over new Eden. We are mainly US TZ with some EU presence. and work hard to increase that presence. We have docterines, and any kitchen sink is bling at own risk. we do alot of PvP in frigates to have some fun in FW space and tormenting the players sitting there. I would love to talk more with you about what we can do for each other. So please contact me,

Tari’elle Sheridan.

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Still looking

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Hey dude. RDC could be for you. PVP/Industry - no blobs or blocs. NPC nullsec.

Come hit us up in game at Red Steel channel.

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Hey Zee,

Right now, you sound like exactly what I’m looking for. I have a few strong leaders already, but having another that is able to help the corp prosper and possibly even FC is something I desperately need at this time for growth. I definitely share your sentiment in terms of wanting to take space, though. I’ve held space in a smaller null alliance before, so understand the difficulties that come with it and plan to cut my members teeth before attempting something without adequate preparation.

If you’d like to get in touch, I’ll probably send you a followup mail in game tomorrow. I’d love to talk things out one on one, and see if you’d enjoy flying with us.


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That was a huge wall of text, Honestly I wont spend a lot of time trying to convince you to come back, you should come back with a mindset for fun.

That being said I have been playing off and on since 2004 and I can tell you that Reload This. Has been the most enjoyable experience I have had in this game. Were currently rebuilding our roster and I think you should give us a shot.

Good luck wherever you land, P.S. were heavy US EST.


Come check us out! Were always growing and improving!

Hi Zee,

You might be interested in Fweddit. Much like you, we have tried the null bloc and we didn’t like it at all and now doing our own sort of PvP in both low and null. In Fweddit, the concentration of old farts over 35 are so much that I have called it a retirement home many times.

Even if you won’t join in the end, feel free to join our Discord and hang out with us in our public fleets!

Afternoon Zee,

Glad you’re thinking about coming back to the game. It’s always a fair commitment - something I have recently done myself. I’ve been playing on and off since 2004 and also like building up a corp and making it a good group of people.

My corp lives in a C3 wh with a null sec static. We live there with three other corps in a small alliance. We have a general principal of no politics and fun at the heart of what we do. Having come back to the game I am rebuilding my corp, it has a rich history and was once seen as the elite group within the alliance. Our members were the go-to people if you needed to call in capitals or you needed someone to get the logistics going etc.

We’re now much much smaller - We have about 5 active but I will build that up. The alliance is mostly EU tz but I would like to build a US wing of around 15 good guys (I have one friendly Canadian so far but he mostly plays EU tz). Alongside this I need to put in place a good system for members to make their own isk as well as build a sustainable way for the corp to make isk so that it can provide ships/ammo structures for members.

If you’re interested in a chat perhaps we can jump on comms together at some point and see if we match up?



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