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Heya, I am hoping to return from a rather short break from EvE, but would like to ensure I have a home when I get back. Just to get rid of the recruiters who actually read this that are not what Im looking for, I will say first that I am not looking to join a null bloc, a mining only corp, or any corp whose recruiter on this forum merely posts a link to their post and expects me to look them up myself.

A bit about me, I have been playing since 2011, with a few breaks spread around, generally after corporation collapse or similar nonsense. I am US Timezone, and yes I am over 18/21 if it matters. I have an unhealthy preference for shields and missiles, so basically caldari. Mostly because when I started they were terrible and I was stubbornly determined to prove they were usable. That does not mean I limit myself to these ships, as I have amarr and gallente significantly trained as well and enjoy flying them, but if you ask me to bring my preferred ship to a kitchen sink fleet it will probably be silver. For the last threeish years I have been the director of a small corp/alliance and spent an exorbitant amount of effort keeping it alive despite the CEOs best efforts to kill it, so that was fun. I have lived in hisec, lowsec, nullsec and WHs for a short time. I am capable of flying Dreadnoughts and Carriers (Caldari is the only one trained, but I have the prereqs for gallente and Amarr when I get around to it), however I do not own a capital of my own at the moment and have not flown one despite having the skills since my previous corp really didn’t warrant the cost. Also, I am Alpha at the moment, as I just bought a house in real life and am quite broke, so I do not plan to go omega until my finances stabilize and/or a group comes along that is worthy of me cutting back on less important things than EvE like food and heat.

As for what I am looking for, it is rather specific. My goal for many years has been to be a part of a group that TAKES sov, which seems to be a rarity these days. My dream has always been to be a part of a group that builds itself up and takes control of a system without relying on blobs or isk, and grows through its own strength rather than that of whoevers dick theyre currently sucking. As such I have spent most of my time nurturing smaller corps to the point that they can take space the hard way, rather than renting, joining a bloc, or calling a hundred friends to help evict a 10 man corp. Unfortunately, they always seem to fail me, either by collapsing or deciding at the last minute to go the easy route and rent or join a bloc, or even gasp decide to live in hisec! I would also consider a Wormhole corp, but it has to satisfy the same conditions of having aspirations.

So heres what I need:
-Decent activity level, if I am going to do another startup I need to be confident you can help me reach my goal in a reasonable timeframe
-Dont be huge. Like I said I do not want to join a bloc, and would prefer a smaller corp that I can help grow to become stronger than one that is already massive. I want to play a part, not get lost in the crowd.
-Be English, duh
-I am EST US timezone, with a rather erratic schedule that generally sets my playtime up at night, so I would like a corp that will have people on in the same time as me.
-I am generally not a pirate, so the corp would need to be very well aligned to all my other goals to convince me
-I dont generally use alts, I know its eve, but shut up. I have one main character, if you tell me I need a dedicated miner or pvp pilot then just go away. I do have a few alts for various purposes such as scouting, hauling, etc, but they are generally low skilled and rarely used, you likely wont see me multiboxing
-I am a busy guy, like I said I just bought a house, have a girlfriend, a job, etc, so my playtime is limited, so I will need a corp that can accept that.
-Must have the eventual goal of taking sov through bloody combat. Renters or members of large sov holding alliances need not apply, and you wont convince me, I have friends in those kinds of corps if I change my mind, so dont bother to try

In exchange for my pickiness I can provide
-Years of experience in almost all aspects of the game, including PvP, PvE, Industry, Mining, FCing, corp management, etc. Though I dont claim to be the best at any of this, I do know a bit about almost everything
-willing to recruit (ya I know), and kind of good at it if I am motivated by a productive corp
-Patient with new people, and willing to help train newer pilots
-Future capital pilot when it becomes necessary
-a very sexy voice, and a chill guy to talk to

Sorry For the long post, I hope to get some good responses.
Will respond to messages on here as well as in game.

Fly Safe

(BearThatCares) #2

Hello there!

Krypted Gaming is looking for quality, social pilots to join us on our space adventures. We are a community focused on quality over quantity, and look for pilots with great attitudes towards the game and fellow players. We live in the nullsec region of Deklein, and are proud members of SLYCE.

We aim to be,

  • Tight Knit (~40-50 actual humans)
  • Highly active (88.5% of our members are online daily)
  • Top Contributors in PvP & Industry (top 3 for monthly alliance fleet participation)
  • Knowledgable & Approachable (tons of guides on our website)

Whether you are a new player or veteran, we are looking for team players who want to contribute to a community. All of our members are active, decent human beings (except our corporate Grandpa, Helltrek) with lives outside of the game. Given that, we also have plenty of memes!

Monthly Krypted Updates
Fleet Commander Logs
EVE Online Guides

Come chat with us in our Discord!

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I know my post was long but you should at least read some of it before pasting your ad mate

(BearThatCares) #4

tight knit (small)
have our own system

Unfortunately, they always seem to fail me, either by collapsing or deciding at the last minute to go the easy route and rent or join a bloc, or even gasp decide to live in hisec!

That’s sort of the nature of startups. If you’re looking to join something stable and won’t starfire in a few months, feel free to reach out.

(Zee Zaugg) #5

As I said, if i decide to join a large well established group I already have friends, however I want to try achieiving my goal at least once more before I give up on it. And I am not necessarily looking for a startup, just someone willing to take sov without relying on a blobs help or by paying for it

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(BeforetheStorm90) #7

Does your goal strictly require sov be taken? I ask because my corp, Endless Defiance, lives in wh space and has zero interest in sov, but our aspirations in wh space are rather significant we think. Otherwise, I do believe we’d make a good fit. I mean, if you are looking for a group or groups that pulls themselves up by their own bootstraps, who wins fights by their own mettle, and not by how many blues they can cyno in on a retriever gank, who refuses to perma blue ANYONE. Well, that’s quintessentially wh space my friend. But if the answer is yes, no hard feelings, wouldn’t want to waste your time.

(Kate Siwalina) #8

Hey there!
Looks like you would can find a good spot inside our corporation and alliance!
Speaking honestly, as a corporation - we are small. I started my own project and continue to work on it, my aim was to make a null sec corporation for like-minded players - RL first attitude (I am a medical student so also sometimes a bit busy with rl, also time for gf, for some basketball etc) and I can say that i achieved it. We are part of LORDE alliance - old one, our core players have been playing with each other for years. ~7 month ago they came from a break and we decided to move ourselves down in null sec. We act like a small family, there are no borders due to different corporations. We understand that our strength in good connections between each other so we always make alliance wide stuff, not only corporation one.
We don’t like huge blocks as well. It is just out of our interests. Currently, we live in Tenerifis region as a part of Mistakes were Made coalition. Since we joined we have become major force in this coalition while we had somewhere 20 active members. We lead killboard by kills per month not only among other blued alliances but in a hole region. And we continue to grow up, nowadays we have more active members from both EU and US TZ. They also have their own lives but we all enjoy flying together, shooting stuff and make fun on comms while we are in-game.
We prefer to do all stuff by ourselves. There are good FCs in coalition, but our ones is best ones - from specter fleet and bombers bar. We have good indy pilots, who can build anything. I have access to lots of BPOs and make free copies for anybody in alliance/corporation who wants to start their own production. Also recently we started fun low sec roams to train newbie pilots some pvp and enjoy this game even more.
Currently we are at war with russian’s block in tenerifis, our aim is to have all region under our control. That being said, we are not a block so there are no blue donuts.
For communication we use both discord and TS3.
If you are intrested either mail me in game or you can rich me via discord - Glorfindeil#2642 (in discord i will answer pretty fast)
If you are not interested thank you for reading this long post and best of luck in both rl and eve! :slight_smile:

(Lugburz) #9

i lol’d at first reply! :joy:

(Zee Zaugg) #10

not strictly, it has been a dream of mine since about a year into the game that I wanted to be a part of a group that took sov through skill rather then politics or selling plex. However, I would not be against a wormhole group, assuming they plan to move up. If you are happy in the space you are in and only plan to grow in your current hole, no thanks. If you are in a C2 or C3 now but want to build strength and then move to a 4 5 or 6 and reinforce the â– â– â– â–  out of it, then lets talk

(Aideron Audeles) #11

Hey. We might be a good fit for you. We live in Tenerifis and are currently taking SOV there. So if that have any interest feel free to contact me in game.


(BeforetheStorm90) #12

Well then, let me pitch you this. My corp, Endless Defiance [HELN0], already live in a C5. However, we are far from satisfied. We feel wormhole space is plagued by carebears and status quo to the point where the space has nearly stagnated. We mean to end that. By seizing control of carebear and anti-pvper holes and burning them down, not only do we inspire carebears to put up a fight they didn’t know they had in them, we can remove those that simply don’t meet the cut. Ultimately, we wish to cut the carebear fat so to speak and usher in a new age of pvp paradise, wh space as a whole embroidered in glorious warfare.

I realize that this is a rather different goal than taking sov. But if you truly desire a corp that systematically seizes control of some of the best defended solar systems in the game (admittedly not permanently), than look no farther. If you’re interested, you can see our recruiting post here: Endless Defiance - C5-5 Vanilla PvP Corp - Recruiting Now!.

(Zee Zaugg) #13

tempting, but my real goal is to build a home for myself, not move into someone elses. to that end, I want to be a part of the build up before the main offensive, thats actually more appealing to me than the actual assaulting of others space (though thats very attractive as well), If I had heard your pitch before you were established in your C5, you would have had a deal

(BeforetheStorm90) #14

Well, the nice thing about evictions if you are in to that kind of thing, is the massive logistical build up and organization required before each one. Essentially, we have as many “main offensives” as we want, not just the one off when taking sov. But no worries, I completely understand. Good luck on your search.

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(Ewel Long) #16

Zee Zaugg,

I think The Crimson Order is the home you are looking for. More info on us here: The Crimson Order is recruiting! New bros, returning Vets, angry Vets are all welcome I would love to talk more to ya. Message me ingame so we can get you settled.

Fly safe

(Ir0nTiger) #17

If you are looking for a relaxed group please consider How bout no(YAPLZ)

(Zee Zaugg) #18

Dude â– â– â– â–  you, at least skim my post

(Ir0nTiger) #19

tbh all i read was the part about you being in USTZ looking for a smaller corp and gathered that you put RL first. figured a relaxed group was what you wanted.

(Zee Zaugg) #20

Was pretty clear about not wanting to join a renter group