What's Mobile Storage?

I created a filter for my probes - picking just from the deployable category and above mobile depots i see “Mobile Storage”

What is it?

Probably just a rename by a player, anyone can change the name that appears in the scanning screen.

It’s an item in the default dropdown when you create a custom filter

(Edit I didn’t noticed that I checked siphon by mistake in this clip- its below that)

I believe mobile storage is the category for secure containers.

It’s for scanning anchored containers in space ?
I didn’t think they showed up on scan

That’s the only thing I can think of. I believe I’ve seen them on scans before. I might be wrong.

Pretty sure @Mintoko is right. Probes, Dscan, and Overview all use the same basic settings. So the option to show Secure Cans would be there, even if the Probes themselves cannot detect them.

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