What's needed?

I’m a returning player that’s been gone for a fair amount of time.

My primary goal is to make a new character for the purpose of joining a corporation down the road. So since it’s been awhile, I thought I’d ask, “What’s needed?” Is there a shortage or demand for certain roles? And if so, is there a faction that needs them more than another? I don’t have a favorite faction, so I’m up for playing whatever is needed the most for whatever faction needs it the most.

Amarr Logistics? Minmatar EWAR? Caldari Haulers? Something else?

My account is currently an Alpha, but I would be open to upgrading it to Omega at some point if necessity demands it.

Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for any and all replies.

Ummm…thanks? Really doesn’t answer my question though.

you could have changed this to recruitment instead of creating another thread.

as far as short stuff in the New Eden environment, we are in the middle of resource scarcity. it would do you good to look at patch notes from recent patches to see what has been changed in the past few months to give you an idea of the layout, not to mention that few months ago, a huge war ended.

That’s just the thing, I have no preference. I’m willing to do pretty much whatever. If someone were to say, “EVE is really short on (fill in the blank).”, or “(Fill in the blank) is always in demand, there’s never enough!” Then that’s the path I would start training for. I don’t care what it is, really. I just want it to be something that’s needed or valued by corporations in-game.

Cal mil needs logi >.>

I’ve never known a “take all players” corp that doesn’t love their PvPers, but there’s also mining corps and market corps and…you get the idea. I don’t know that EVE has a shortage of any kind of particular player, faction, etc.

I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful, but I admire your commitment. You might check out nullsec, where some of the most hardcore corps I’ve known hang out. It’s a tough place to survive, but some of the corps I’ve known there are more intense about dictating what players do, and they often appreciate players who aren’t just looking to be passive.

I’d recommend my corp, but I think maybe we’re more laid back at the moment than you’d like.

It’s very hard to say what’s “short” in EVE or what’s needed, because these things are constantly changing and different alliances and theatres of war have different requirements.

Potentially things that would be in constant demand would be ammunition and charges, especially T1 ammunition. Small T1 ships like frigates, destroyers and cruisers are also usually in demand, so if manufacturing’s what you’re after, those are pretty safe bets. They won’t make you a lot of ISK but it’ll be a steady income.

If you plan to do any industry at all, Omega is mandatory. If you only want to shoot things, you can potentially get away with staying Alpha if you join newbie friendly corps with Alpha fleets.

As for combat, it’s impossible to say. You will also understand that most of the information is behind OPSEC, (i.e. need-to-know basis).

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Oh well, the only complain I heard of (and didn’t take seriously) is the lack of targets but I don’t think you want to fill that “role”.

I would stay away from Null if I were you they are only really after F1 monkeys and, I think you can do better than that.

If you want a place that really has “roles” that you can fit into, if you really need to be “pigeonholed” go to wormhole space and join one of the big corps. I am sure they can give you a dedicated role you can do.

I would not say their was a shortage of any role in eve except perhaps FC’s or to be more precise good FC’s.

Now that you have me thinking about it their is a shortage in my very corp! Members. Join my corp and I am sure I can find something for you to do.


I’m sorry…FC’s? What’s that?

Fleet Commanders.

That’s not something you can drop into right from the beginning. You can start taking out small gangs if you can convince a few others to follow you and try to make a name for yourself.

Fleet Command Course - EVE University Wiki


Ah…sounds a bit too advanced for me at the moment I’m afraid. =)

Industry is a good foundation for any starting character. With the recent complexity added to industry, it is becoming much more open to group participation.

Try to find an industrial corporation and find out if they are struggling in any particular area for instance if they are producing their own fuel blocks for sale or use, you might find out they struggle for noble metals and may well welcome a new member willing to train PI to open up more planets for them. Or they might welcome an extra miner to bring in more minerals.


Minmatar/Caldari bonused ships.

Thukker Tribe needs some player ships, yo.

–Gadget misses her roots… for a space goddess

–Edit, while these are ‘needed’, it might be helpful if certain Gadgets were to actually read the OP…

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EVE is short on content creators. Any kind, of any type.

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