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So I am doing missions again in a long time and I stumble upon burner missions. I like a challange so I try some different builds but am loosing ships left and right. I feel like I’m being forced to search a sollution on the internet instead of solving this puzzle myself. So what’s the point of these missions if you can’t figure out these missions by yourself? I finally after whelping 2b+ worth of ships figured out 1. I’m glad I own 80b so I can loose that but these missions don’t seem to be doable by people that don’t have this kind of money to loose.

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There’s a specific fit and method to defeating Burners. You just need to know where to look…

Did you bother to read the Mission Description?, if not then it is no wonder you loose your ships left and right. Burner missions are meant as a way of preparing you for PvP against other players and what it will be like to be outnumbered, like being up against 1 DPS with a Support wing of RR, EW or other (I haven’t done that many of them myself).

Burner Missions:

  • Have high DMG-output.
  • Fields Support Wing.
  • Possible hazardous environment (Sentry guns and lots of them).

The mission description will give you clues about what you are going to meet in the pocket, this should point you in the general direction of a ship you could use and how to fit it. Standard PvE fits will not work.


if you scroll down a bit on these forums there’s a big thread with a ton of solutions, if you ask I’m sure someone will link it. Once you have them all down you can do 200-300mil/hr pretty easily, so I’d say it’s worth losing a few bil to learn, you’ll make the isk back in no time.

if you want an easier time learning you can always go on the test server, the only thing you will lose is time. When they first came out I spent a bunch of time on the test server coming up with fits, and sharing fits with others, so when they came out on TQ people were able to run them pretty reliably.

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Prepare for pvp
No point necessary

Op, you say you like a challenge…but then you say it’s too hard…seems contradictory.

There is one, possibly two things in common with each of these builds:

  1. You are flying them
  2. (possibly) you are the one making them

Which really means one thing. You.

Figuring out the burner missions is not hard. I got bored of them pretty quick, back when I used to run missions (before I discovered nullsov).

How do you loose ships? New module?
Can you just tight them instead?


Burners simulate what it would be like to fly against a player that is overheating their ship, has faction modules fitted, is highly skilled and is running links and implants.

That means to reliably stand a chance against these you will need to do some of the same. If you want to really do them as efficiently as possible, as reliably as possible and as safely as possibly then you will need all of the above although you can get away with not having to need links/bursts.

Once you’ve mastered them you should be able to reach 200mill isk/h or more depending on who/where you are running mission and how efficiently you can turn LP into isk.

My guide is somewhat out of date although with my skills and implants I have been able to still do all of the burners successfully following my guide to the letter for builds and tactics.

If you want to figure them out by yourself and not follow a guide or replicate fits then I would recommend the test server.

Once you have mastered burners then the only real danger is making mistakes/not paying attention or getting ganked.


Great replay that explains it very well. I think that CCP needs to add another step into the mission progression tiers; a sort of “Burner lite”, where the principles of Burners can be first explored for much smaller reward. Too many players have tried a Burner or two ( or5,6,7,…), gotten wrecked, and then retreated back to running level 4s or gotten bored and leave EVE. By making these burner lite mission not economically attractive for the high skill players, yet tougher than level4s, CCP would create a more even step up into higher levels of EVE gameplay, encouraging players to take higher risks.

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Burners aren’t really designed particularly well, you basically need a gimmick fit or multibox to do each one safely because the rat’s stats are super over-inflated. On the flip side, if you get the cookie cutter ships/fits for all of them and farm them, the isk/h is stupidly good for no risk.

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I’ve wanted to see burners expanded to lower level missions pretty much since they came out. I think it would make sense to add some lv3 burners that can be completed in a decently skilled faction frig, or AF with a reasonable pvp fit. I think it would make sense to have these missions against the Navy Frigs since lv4s already have the pirate frigs and AFs


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