-3B isk/hr: suicide ganking burner mission runners

I’ve started running burner missions around a week ago, and I must say, it’s one of the best pieces of PVE in the game. Even with the missions “solved” years ago, they still provided me with great lessons applicable in PVP, specifically overheat and module management, and how to go afk while orbiting AB brawlers at 20k. Inspired, I decided to look at the killboard of the burner mission capital of New Eden, Lanngisi, for tips on how to best fit my ships. There is always room for improvement after all, and I wanted to see what the pros were doing. That 200m/hr isn’t going to make itself, after all.

What I found there both shocked and disgusted me. The only PVP there for weeks had been one guy wardeccing and killing missioning battleships! Nowhere could I learn how to optimize my mission running. Thus, I decided to grab my corpmates and friends to figure out how this mythical figure of 200m/hr was made. I had heard it involved Ascendancy implants, blueprints of which I sometimes came across in J-space, and really expensive frigates , but we needed more concrete information in the form of fits. Sacrifice was needed, and I began to aggressively question the locals.

It went well. They were even considerate enough to drop the much needed faction modules I needed to successfully these missions. Now all I had to do was farm enough PI in HS to finally make myself a full set of warp speed implants. It was going to take a while.

However, after a great day of friendly banter with the CODE members ganking freighters next door, I have found that the previously relaxed locals had become resistant to traditional interrogation. They began doing such things as having travel fits and fitting ADCUs on their 300m Harpies.

Unable to continue my information gathering, I have now come before the great scholars of EVE online forums to seek assistance in growing as a PVE player (and Protestant Christian. Please direct me towards a good, preferably Southern Baptist corp in EVE. I tried with Broski, but they force fed me Jesus biscuits and called me a ‘Luther cuck’, whatever that means.). What methods do you guys have for enhanced interrogation of the burner missioner? Anyone willing to help me in my quest to restore balance to Thukker LP values and seek justice for countless slaughtered commandos? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

Attached are files containing information disclosed from my interrogations. Turns out Harpies are actually better at running the Serpentis Agents than Hawks! Who could have known?

In all seriousness though, I could really use a hand here. While I can make a small personal difference, it’s going to take a lot of people coming together to help solve this problem. This is my thesis statement.


If you can’t destroy them on the way, destroy them in their missions? Maybe you need to learn to find them at their places of action and grab them red-handed when they mingle with pirates. Or is this too hard for you? :roll_eyes:

Well, the acceleration gates are restricted to frigates only which means you can’t upship to something bigger to beat the DPS race against CONCORD. That makes it near impossible for a solo justice warrior like the OP to explode them without raising a fleet of some kind.

So OP, to do it solo that means you can only catch them on a the mission gate (impossible as you can’t know where they will spawn until the target is there), on undock or on a star gate like you were doing. Now, if they are prepared, there isn’t much you can do. Despite what people will tell you, it is pretty hard to actually gank someone who is paying attention and doesn’t do something dumb.

First, it is impossible to catch a sub-2s aligning travel fit frigate. They will always warp away before you can lock them so your only hope is smartbombing them on the gate which requires timing but is possible. They can avoid this by not warping directly to the gate so I wouldn’t expect it to work for long, but might score you a kill. But basically, there is nothing you can do while they are travelling.

Same with the ACDU. It is seriously OP in highsec where criminal engagements are short and brutal because of CONCORD. If someone has one fit and the presence of mind to activate one, it becomes extremely costly to gank them. I see no viable counter for a single player other than to hope they are not paying attention and alpha them before they notice you.

So, that leaves the standard fall back which is to go to alts/friends and brute force the mechanics. You can then try to rush this acceleration gate when they are in the middle of a fight and hopefully don’t notice you until it is too late. This won’t work if you have been bad enough the faction police are chasing you, but a swarm of Atrons and a long tackle would do the trick.

Actually, there is one other window of vulnerability I can think of, at least if they are using a travel fit. If they use a mobile deport to refit just outside the mission gate, perhaps you can scan them down during the 1 minute deployment timer. If you warp in on the depot you might be able to land a point and explode them before they can react. They could stash their shineys in the depot however if they keep a cool head, but it might work.

Probably though, you are going to have to be content with only catching the lazy/complacent ones while watching the majority of the smarter ones pass by. That is sort of how the game works and how highsec is balanced - only the worst players are viable targets, and even of them most aren’t worth exploding.


+1 for making me giggle

He is not solo for starters. Keeping that in mind I am pretty sure Rifters can fit some nice arty alpha. And neuts shut down the reps.

Man, have you tried writing a … hm… some form of protest against CODE and nailing it onto their front door?

Nice read!

Daredevil can get pretty stupid dps pricy gank ship, but might work

I keep wondering why no one is ganking burner pilots. Every time I look on zkill it seems like someone goes and ganks for a few days then gives up, is that all it takes to spook the other runners? And at this point SoE lp looks like it’s at an all time low, so I would guess there are a lot of targets out there. I’ve always advocated for keeping ship fits reasonably priced, but it’s been safe for so long it seems people forget.

Also my suggestion is go for garmurs. A lot of people fit 3 CN Bcus on theirs, and the polarized fit means they have almost no EHP and you can probably alpha them on the station undock.

need to be quick on the scan as most of the missions are done in 1-2 mins. A few gank fit t1 frigs would probably be enough to successfully gank most ships as they are tanking specific resists, and the accel gate tells you which mission it is.

bonus points if you put a smartbomb ship on the out gate or station.

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TL:DR “I’m afraid to go to low sec or nul, where the odds might be against me. I’ll just attack single guys - it’s much safer!”

+1 upboats friend your post is so dumb I responded

Yes you’re right TL:DR to my first TL:DR"It’s safer to PVP in high sec!"

Somebody deacronymize ACDU for me.

Assault Damagr Control Unit.

A new module that came in February with the Assault Frigate rebalance.

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