Whats up with the forums

(Mortis Betruger) #1

Every time I read a post and then hit the back button it takes me to the top of the forum, then I have to scroll down and try to find where the hell I was at.

(ISD Fractal) #4

I have moved this to another sub-forum for further discussion and removed some off-topic posts.

For the record, I do not encounter this issue when using Chrome. I tested by scrolling down in General Discussion, picking a topic at random to enter, then hitting back. It brought me back to where I was scrolled to.

(Mark O'Helm) #5

I can confirm it. It happens to me too on my tablet since the beginning of the new forum. If I remember correctly I wrote it down in the feadback threat.
But I got used to it like to a lot of little “hiccups” in Eve. :blush:

Edit. Found it, 25. July 2017

(Eric Kalfren) #6

I’ve gotten accustomed to going back to the menu like that, then clicking latest. You can see the entire forums active posts sorted no matter the subforum.

(Mortis Betruger) #7

I am using chrome and it has done this for the last 2 weeks when I started playing again. hit back button and takes to the top every time

(system) #8

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