Question: back to top?

Where did that go? Granted, the previous forums weren’t all that in terms of usability, but at least it had behavioural options. Like a nice and simple back to top button.

Am I doing something wrong, or did CCP forget that basic thing?

Incidentally, any chance I’m overlooking a quick way to get to the bottom of a topic page? As opposed to scrolling for ages while it keeps extending the bloody page as new posts pop up as you keep scrolling endlessly?

And not like that horrid timeline which doesn’t work for mobility, and is clumsy at best.

.) you can use the scrollbar. easy solution.

.) you can adjust the scroll rate in your mouse options. easy solution.


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Don’t be an ass.

Home and End on your keyboard can take you to the respective top and bottom of any given topic. Likewise the scrollbar located to the right of any topic (desktop), or found by clicking the post counter (mobile), will let you easily jump to any part of the topic. :aura:


i… wasn’t??

each of them were valid options, almost the same as the dev suggests…

Home and End work, but it would be nice if it followed best practices - the previous forums had the same thing (modern is good debate), fortunately that too got such simple common usability elements.

The post counter doesn’t work for me on mobile I should add. Might be my fingers, but it just doesn’t get me where I’m trying to go :stuck_out_tongue: