Feature: Last Post Button

(Punky260) #1

I really do like the forum scrollbar on the right side. It provides a nice overview of where I am in this specific topic and enables me to move through it pretty fast and easy.
What I miss on that is a “to the last post”-button somehow. I know I can simply click at the bottom on the scrollbar, but that doesn’t really feel as right as a separate button wo do.

I would kinda expect it where I drew the red box, but it could be move a bit of course. If it is no big deal, I would really like to see such a button. Also possible would be a little arrow on the left side of the bar. One showing down at the bottom and one up at the top … I think you get the idea :wink:

(Natasha Kutuzova) #2

It works for me to just click on this “3h ago” from your example (or similar depending on the last made post).
But indeed, having it more visible/easy to access would be much appreciated.

(Althalus Stenory) #3

just press the “end” button on your keyboard

edit: i’m wondering now why I saw that post in my “latest” feed, 1.5month late …