More forum options

I read a lot of posts that I don’t like, but find funny or I disagree with. We currently only have the like button, but why can’t we have more options?

Some extra options could be :+1:, :-1:, :clap:, :nauseated_face:, :rage: and the current :heart:.

This is just an idea to add a little bit of fun to the forums and give the mods and devs a clearer picture of what the community thinks of certain posts and topics.

What would you like to see added?


:rofl: and :roll_eyes:

That would be the answer to an awful lot of posts.


Yes, those are two good ones!

A Delete Forums button

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:see_no_evil: :hear_no_evil: and :speak_no_evil:


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Eh both are good

A maximum of one “Can I have your stuff” post per thread would be nice.

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:teddy_bear:carebear :violin:world’s smallest :crab:krabby “as in whiners”

That would be impossible in light of last salt-generating thread that automagically closed because of 10k post limit…

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I would say; No thanks, this forum is not a Social Media (like Facebook/Twitter or the others) nor a popularity contest.

If you want to give some feedback on a thread post a reply; remember Constructive Criticism above all else.


or just wait for ISD to wack it on the head with a big stick read above lol

Oh dear.


Thats what happens when… ah ISD you cunning devil, you nearly had me commenting on moderation.

Nice trap.


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