Suggestion: dislike button in the forums

The forums really need a dislike button not just a like button

  • Liking is nice and friendly, but it’s not always productive. I don’t know that every post should be able to be disliked, but at least the OP should have both a like and dislike button.

  • Maybe this doesn’t need to be in every part of the forums, but it should at least be in the subsections designed for player feedback and requests.

Wouldn’t this make the forums more negative?

  • No, it would make them more positive
    • The forum rules say you can’t post “+1” or “I like it” that you should use the like button for this.
    • There is no means to show similar dislike.
  • When we combine these two things, it means that the only way to dislike something is to post in the thread, but if you only like it you can’t post in the thread.
    • Result, the threads become mostly negative.
  • Dislikes should have reasons, but tbh “this is a bad idea, you are bad” isn’t really a reason and is better served with just a button.
  • A dislike button would allow the “voting” to be out of the thread and allow the thread to stay more focused on the idea

Can’t you just use a poll?

  • You can, but then it means that a supporter should both like the OP and vote in the poll.
  • People ignore polls sometimes.
    • Additional idea, could an option when making a poll be “must vote before you can post?”


  • Thread voting will make things nicer
  • Please add some form of thread voting

  • If you like this idea, please click “like” below, if you dislike the idea, come back after it’s implemented and click “dislike” below.
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If you dislike something, you should elaborate why you dislike something (which other people then can like) or like a post that already elaborates what you dislike.

Yes, you should. But that does’t mean it happens. If you like it you should also elaborate as to why you like it.

In both cases you should, and doing so is better for the discussion, but people don’t always do it. and the forums mechanics make it so one can be done passively, while the other can’t, and the forums rules make it so not elaborating in the negative case is okay, not for the positive it’s against the rules.

Never going to happen.

-1 for that statement.

That’s not my idea, that’s the forum rules.

“Rather than posting “+1” or “Agreed”, use the Like button.”


Most players are snowflakes and can’t stand to have their feelings hurt when they look at their original post and it says Likes: 4 Dislikes: 237

Still better than you have 20 replies: this is a bad idea, you are bad person x20

I think this suggestion is proving its own need. Only negative feedback, the positive supporter “likes” but doesn’t join the conversation.

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