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I want to register my unhappiness why must it be like it or not I want to dislike it.


And next people will demand that posts with negative karma are being hidden. yes, i word it like that intentionally. echo chambers are a cancer and dislike buttons are a big step towards them. it’s an easy way towards having lots of people who aren’t smart censoring the minority of those who are.

if you want this forum to be like reddit, why not go to reddit instead? :slight_smile:


That’s absurd - there is no inevitable need for one to lead to the other. If that WERE the case, then we’d already be seeing posts with multiple likes being floated to the top - and yet we don’t, do we? I, too, think that the converse of the ‘like’ button’s functionality ought to be present - currently we can express approval or nothing at all: that’s a lopsided “system”, and in fact is a form of censorship in its own right.

As the like king of the forums, I disapprove of this.

Because you are supposed to elaborate why you don’t like something and not just hit an anonymous dislike button without giving something enough thought.

@Felyx_Ravencroft Ravencroft You express your disapproval by telling the person that you don’t like something. It’s really easy, you should try it. I just did it with this reply.

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I see - and yet it’s OK to anonymously and without elaboration express approval of something? That’s what’s known as a “double standard”, and is related to hypocrisy, which to me is one of the most repugnant things. So, fine - either have both, or none, that’s what I reckon.

The like counter is nothing but a meaningless statistic. It doesn’t add anything but epeen value.

Threads and posts aren’t sorted by how much they’ve been liked, but by the time the last post was made.
Liking also isn’t anonymous. You can click on the “x likes” and it will show you a list of everyone that liked that post.

So in the end this is nothing but uninformed ranting.

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[quote=“Linus_Gorp, post:7, topic:11729, full:true”]
The like counter is nothing but a meaningless statistic. It doesn’t add anything but epeen value.[/quote]
Agreed - but again, still a double standard to go one way but not the other.
EDIT: Actually, it’s not that meaningless - it reflects the number of people who approve of or agree with an expressed opinion (though granted it has its limitations, severe, as a metric.) So why shouldn’t disagreements/disapprovals also be enumerated?

[quote=“Linus_Gorp, post:7, topic:11729, full:true”]
Liking also isn’t anonymous. You can click on the “x likes” and it will show you a list of everyone that liked that post.[/quote]
I know this - I was responding to a previous post that cited an “anonymous dislike” button - granted, I should have rather focused on the fact that, just as with the ‘like’ button, it need not be assumed that the implementation would be anonymous (and certainly shouldn’t be, if the system is to be internally consistent.)

See above regarding “uninformed”. As for ranting, I suggest you look up the meaning of the word; I am merely supporting the notion that, for balance and consistency’s sake, both polar responses really ought to be given the opportunity for representation, in a rational and reasoned fashion - there is no “ranting” here.

If you dont like a post, why dont you try composing a reply as to why you don’t like it?

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Because the two aren’t quite the same. When you agree with someone, there is no need for any argument about why you agree with them. This most often results in posts like “+1”, “seconded”, “I agree with that” and the sort, which make for boring reading and add nothing of value.

When you disagree with a post on the other hand, then you have a reason to do so. Ideally something constructive that adds value to the discussion.
If there only was a dislike button, then constructive criticism could end up not being posted for various reasons and you’d also have those trolls that disagree with someone for completely arbitrary reasons, tainting the value a dislike button would add.


It is not because if you like something you agree with what’s written in the respective post. There is nothing to add to this, unless you really want to expand on an idea or add your own twist to it.

If you disagree, you are supposed to explain why you disagree so that the topic or post creator can respond to this criticism and improve their suggestion or prove your disagreement wrong. You can’t do that based on an anonymous dislike.

Now that this forum offers polls, you also don’t need a dislike button to find out how many people like a certain idea or not.

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That was never what I “liked” (heheh) the idea of - that “anonymous” bit is entirely your assumption. I would absolutely NOT want it to be anonymous (as already established up-thread) - and, in fact, that would not only keep it in line with its counterpart in terms of consistency, but also address the issue of accountability while also providing the ability for someone to query or challenge the reasons for a ‘dislike’ in, perhaps, a private message. There ARE times when an unelaborated rejection/disagreement is more appropriate, such as when the response may otherwise derail the thread, or lead to a flame-war, or may simply not require elaboration due to its subjective nature (“Do you like bunnies?” “No, I do not” - no further explanation required, in this rather weak example, :smiley: )

Granted, almost any tool is open to abuse and comes with its own can of worms ready to be opened (with yet another tool?) - just as the “like” button is not all up-side. Yes, I concede that agreement and dissent are not totally symmetrical - but BOTH have their exceptions: while a “dislike” may often beg an elaboration, sometimes so does a “+1” - and the converse also sometimes applies in both cases. So again, consistency and internal logic, that is what I “like” :wink:

Unfortunately, yes, the potential for abuse or the like is also not symmetrical - and it never ceases to amaze me how much people like to focus on the negative (yes, I see the irony of advocating for a “dislike” button! But I AM lobbying in its favour, not against it :stuck_out_tongue: ) - why and how NOT to do something, rather than explore the possibilities of doing something, for example… (yes, cheap shot, I know.)

Anyhow, all this is pretty academic to me. I would be very surprised if this feature were to be implemented, but now you know a little about why I think it ought to be. Paradoxically, I also don’t hold much with popular acclaim and the like, on the grounds that the typical large population is generally dominated by the… less intelligent, let’s say. At least this forum is to a large extent populated by people who are able (and bother) to construct and elucidate their arguments in a rational manner. :slight_smile:

Well, /end_meandering_wall_of_text

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How can you not like bunnies?

Hahahahah! Well, that was just an arbitrary example - I do, as a matter of fact, like bunnies - they make good stews (assuming they are accompanied by adequate veg) while tasting nothing like chicken (not that I ‘dislike’ chicken - it’s just that bunnies have their own flavour identity… particularly Easter bunnies.)
And I also like Daleks.

How can you like the biggest villains of the universe? Creatures whose only purpose is to eradicate every other living creature?
Can you imagine what they’d do to these fluffy cute bunnies?


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They won’t do it for the reasons I stated above. CCP cited equal reasons in the past about why they won’t implement it.

I like them AS villains :slight_smile: which is totally distinct from how I might appreciate heroes/protagonists - I DO also like (most incarnations of) their arch-nemesis… As to the second question: they’d probably ruin my plans for whatever recipe I was considering… However, those are already conveniently dispensed in drinks cups - a smoothie, perhaps… hmmm.

I want you to know as the Unlike dragqueen of these forums I really think just take the like button away and the genie is back in the bottle.


or just one very bored person with a lot of alts who takes things too personally lmao yellow parasol

yours? are you bored? do you lack actual context and thus only express yourself in half sentences?

wait. are you following me?? are you … a fan ??? :smiley:

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