Like System

(78 Aster) #1

The new like system is very nice, a bit sweeter. The only think I could ask to change is to add a “like all posts” button. I liked 2595 posts in one go on the like and get likes thread. See “Memory Management” for what happened when doing that…

(Zeric) #2

I like the like system. But a like all button would be overused I think.

(78 Aster) #3

Perhaps it could be just a unique addition to the LAGL thread, treating it like an event with a special feature. That thread already gave out special “event” type badges from what I saw, seems a bit fitting.

Or do people like the effort (caring?) behind liking everyone?

(Kusum Fawn) #4

What is the point of those threads?

(78 Aster) #5

To promote the “getting to know each other” part of Eve, other wise players would just kind of hate each other for destroying their stuff… It’s also a sub conscious pleasure response do to people getting used to technology, a like releases endorphins giving a reward to the recipient promoting them to give one back, etc. In the end, it’s to promote happiness and interaction. Very rough compared to what a psychologist could say.

Also it’s a tradition

(Kusum Fawn) #6

If that is true, then isn’t the entire idea of the whole " like all " button something bad? it removes any sort of involvement in getting to know anyone? You wouldn’t have to read names, or see how many you are liking, you aren’t even looking at most of them.

(March rabbit) #7

Well… I might get blamed for it but i didn’t like everyone in that thread… Liked only posts i really find nice and cool. So yeah, ‘like all the posts’ is not needed for me.

(78 Aster) #8

It is just a small idea for now, going through each post (scrolling) caused a browsers crash, and liking in too fast shot CPU usage to 80%. The first thought I had on this was to add at least a minor fix for something so big. If they can get the page to unload some resources instead then something like this would be 100% obsolete.

I guess primitive fixes like this can’t replace optimization.

Is there a way for an author to close their own thread yet?

(Kusum Fawn) #9

Doesn’t this have to do with just being bad at making forums? trying to load 2k replies at the same time is dumb. doesnt matter what the reason is.

(78 Aster) #10

To get to the bottom of a thread most of the posts above it are cached to some degree because these are single dynamic pages. They constantly check for updates (the reason why you don’t need to reload the page to see notifications or new posts)… so… yeah… the only reason I see to load that many pages is to get the full log of the RSS feed but, I think they removed that.

I think this got off topic… where is the isd thread closer guy? with the white jacket

(Linus Gorp) #11

(78 Aster) #12

back to the ajax dish soap?

(Rivr Luzade) #13

What is the point of a Like All button? Likes are meant to show that you agree with or like a certain subject or piece of information from a particular person in a particular post. Liking all posts in a topic dilutes this point of the system because you cannot possibly have read, comprehended and appreciated all posts in a topic, let alone agree with all posts’ contents because they very likely contain completely opposite points of view on a matter or are just useless “First!!” posts.

Since you mentioned psychology earlier, I doubt that mass-liking creates the same positive response that a single like made based on an actual appreciation process of your input creates. It’s the same fake sensation that you get on facebook with thousands of friends or on twitter with millions of bot followers. They pervert the point of these features.