Likes and Dislikes

How will people know how much I am liked?

I don’t see that below my name - it makes me sad…I am not feeling the love.

Also we should be able to dislike…just sayin…sometimes your a positive polly…other times you wanna be a negative nelly.


They can look at your profile :smiley:


Who does that, even?


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I notice that my 5,128 hard-earned and preciously-held Likes from the old forum didn’t transfer over. Guess I just have to start rebuilding, the same as after any nerf. At a rate of about one Like per ten posts, I have about 50k shiptoasts to go. Sorry CCP, but you brought this on yourself and your players.

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Like the ability to be able to delete your own posts at will. Because, you know… :beer:

I seriously doubt we’ll be adding dislike buttons. If you’re opposed to something I’m in favor of you providing constructive feedback on it instead. :smiley: :coffeeparrot:


Is there a to show a Like counter that is not outside of the main body of the forum? I quite liked having it visible. Vanity and all that. I really don’t like having to click on to each and every profile if I want to have a friendly epeen contest :loveparrot:

If it’s a contest you want, why not look at the “score board” (user list)
Heck, you can compare how you’re doing today, this week, month, quarter, year, or even all time. But no, we don’t have plans to add the total like counter specifically to user cards or into posts.


If you want to be a negative nelly, have the balls and post in the forum and deal with the counterarguments to your negativity. :wink: Or don’t post at all and take a deep breath instead. :roll_eyes:

Dislike buttons are nothing but an invite to abuse, nothing else.

I’m winning!!!

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Right, but still means I need to go to a separate page. Which was part of my original complaint. The Score board is a neat idea, but I would like to see the people that I am posting with. The Score board although cool would not be a good way to make a contest about it, when the "Like and get likes thread’ makes a variable.

Would it be possible to put it in the pop out menu when you click the users avatar? Or something of that nature? Also I understand if I may be the only one complaining about it and it not worth the time. Just my two cents on the matter. <3

I would like the ability to dislike things, and for people to dlslike my things.

After all, how will I know that I’m doing things right if I cant see all the dislikes people give me?

By reading the posts in the topic and using your reading comprehension skills to discern positive from negative feedback to your idea, suggestion or topic?

I’ll just assume you dislike everything you didn’t like.