End of day 1 statistics

Well, I know you guys like your stats porn. So here was your first day on the forums.


Out of 790 users that started using these forums today, 206 have ranked up from “new user” :smiley:

Well done everyone!


How many of those likes are from the LAGL thread alone?


Probably over 95%
A quick calculation says I alone have just about of 11% of the total likes at the time of posting.


Tikari, we need to talk about your sleep pattern


Should’ve grabbed those stats as well, but didn’t sorry. As of now that thread contains roughly 81% of the likes given. :slight_smile:


No stats about how many flag raised and warnings given ?

I have those too, just didn’t release them. :fedo:

Those are the important stats if you ever want you player base to ever come back since the most often cited reason for people taking their discussion elsewhere was the moderation and not the layout. People want to know if it’s still the same moderation style of if it got slacked for real. And NO, telling me there are less rules mean nothing until we see how they are applied in practice.

Those stats are kinda frightening. That’s an extremely disappointing profile.

Honestly, i do believe new forums are good, considering that otherwise it would make a hostile reaction.
So, if anyone know anything about Dark Side russian subforum location - i’d rly appreciate it.

P.S. also, it would be nice to make some variations of colors, look like in-game UI ones. gl hf o7

How does that work? What makes someone rank up and what are the ranks?

And why does this occur on every reply? Is that normal? Is it expected that moderators are going to have to approve every reply?

Hi there, to start the tutorial please open your notification feed. You can do this by clicking your avatar on the navigation bar. Look for a message from Disco Bot and follow the instructions there.

Regarding the Trust levels. By spending time on our forums, reading and replying to topics liking posts and interacting with other posts, you will get the trust level ‘basic’.

Finally, some posts get held over by the forum bot, this happens if it thinks you may be spamming the system, once you have been here for a while this shouldn’t happen. Our forums will learn what to hold and what to allow with time, so it will take a while but it will get there. I have released both of your posts :slight_smile: