Why is there no downvote option?

The following is an analysis of the number of threads currently being upvoted .

We would like for a downvote option added to our forum please.


There seems to be some type of dispute between you guys.


Please no downvote.
Don’t turn this forum into Reddit.
If someone doesn’t agree with a post they can certainly provide counter arguments in a reply.
Downvotes only foster a negative environment for members.
This forum is for discussions, not for battle of the votes.


Because it’s toxic, and Discourse doesn’t like toxic behavior. Plus, EVE players would abuse the hell out of it.


Nope, you would not, because if there was a down vote option, your own alts would down vote your posts and you’d be displeased with the outcome. Remember what they say about expectations in regards to Frostpackers. So it is best to keep your expectations in check to avoid disappointment. :wink:

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Downvotes make no sense in linear forum discussions.

Down- and upvotes only make sense on a nonlinear board that does a popularity contest for the responses to determine the priority of showing the responses.

As you may have noticed, there are no upvotes here either. Only likes.


Done vote is not constructive feedback and people would abuse it against people they don’t like down voting everything they say.


Felt the need for a Sunday thread debate about how the heart upvotes can be abused without offering some possibility of counter hearts to a thread.

This debate is the result of the following discussion noted in the OOC thread

Which gave the idea of what if we had a different kind of thread where we are able to share dislikes?

Remember also on another thread that Gifthy once asked, “can’t we all just get along and murder kill each other nicely?”

Just thinking outside the normal flow of the forum.

How can it be “abused”?

I’m guessing if they don’t like what they read they will downvote or we could have an upside down facing heart that could cause issues when a Capsulseer holds some type of vendetta or just an axe to grind.

The answer to why there isn’t a downvote option is simple.

CCP took it out long ago, for whatever reason.

Anything can be abused. Abuse is just a form of misuse. While up votes and down votes mean very little to my opinion on any topic, some people are swayed by them and allow them to control their actions. Every time I see a thread in a forum about like versus dislikes, I recommend everyone watch the “Black Mirror” episode titled Nosedive in season 3 episode 1. Then you will see why forums and social media doesn’t need votes or likes.

Have fun!


My 16 alts would like to downvote that.

Did you really think that through?

Do you know how much of your day that would take out if you were to log into this forum with 16 of your fine alt pilots?

For certain “special” folks on this forum, I would create and log in as many alts as necessary to downvote their posts into oblivion.

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Would the downvote option summon-that-shall-not-be-named?

:scream: :fearful:

:broken_heart: :broken_heart: :broken_heart:

Felix please stop. This forum is already toxic enough without turning it into Reddit. Your idea gets a hard pass from me.

…And without a downvote option there really is no way to express such now is there?

Sure there is. I just did.

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You could learn to use big boy words.