Redesign the Player Features & Ideas so that player can present their ideas and other players can use vote buttons

And then have like a ranking list of suggested stuff with the most votes.
If an idea gets X amount of votes then CCP has to respond to the player base as to why its a good or bad idea and basically interact with the player base.

The point of this is to structure the forums and ideas and to get good ideas to the top.

Not sure if you should be able to vote against an feature idea dude to there being so much negative trolling/toxic players. But if you would be able to vote against a feature idea both votes for upvoting and downvoting a feature idea should count towards higher ranking on the feature idea ranking.

EDIT if you are wondering what player is the same player in this thread, here is a connect the char picture =) Ironic how he complains that people will use bots to vote =) if voting system would be implemented.

So like reddit?

Na more like Microsoft Feature Suggestions were you can’t downvote ideas.
But as ideas can affect other players in a negative way you might need a downvote button.

But like I said all votes both positive and negative should push the ranking of an idea upwards in ranking

The best ideas are not always the most popular. Players with bad ideas aren’t owed an explanation as to why their idea is not going to happen. Voting abuse is common even when it doesn’t matter.

No to everything.


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Everyone who doesn’t agree with you?

Your idea is a bad one and a perfect example of why we need more than downvotes.


Well, players do sometimes come up with good ideas, and sometimes their ideas (for good or bad) actually get put in the game. Now, I think you brought up some really good points, but I still wonder if a better system of proposing ideas could be implemented. Take the small ideas thread, for example. I have no doubt that there are a lot of good ideas in there, but I’ll probably never see most of them because the thread is so freaking long that it would take me like 12 hours to read through it all.

But, I’m not exactly sure how to improve things; so, I dunno. I wonder if anyone knows of any good suggestion systems from other games/communities/organizations.

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In my experience a lot of players who post on the forms are quite big trolls and toxic. People who just don’t add anything of value to the conversation.

Let me elaborate. Danchi statement is best example of a troll/toxic player. First he start by stating (if you read between the lines) that most eve players are so stupid that they would never vote for a good idea and only Daichi has the intellect to know if an idea is good or bad. And CCP should not be force to answer stupid questions asked by eve players who are not as intelligent as Daichi. So basically a classic narcissist.

And you of course you are the same as you did not ad anything of value but pointed out that there could be no system were intelligent people like you could have enough downvoting power to manage the eve player mass that can’t think for themselves.

I’m assuming CCP karkur has some system to read the layout that she wants.

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It does not say that at all, you are the troll making things up and insulting people with valid opinions.

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They ask you to put it in a specific format using certain words so that they can sift ideas out of the general chatter and even search by key words.

ISD have also said that they will point out ideas they think might interest the devs whilst they are on the forums.

If that is how you inferred my post it can only be because of how you feel. If this isn’t classic projection I don’t know what is.

I can see when an idea has obvious flaws, such as this one. And it is the whole purpose of these forums for players to discuss ideas. That includes pointing out the obvious flaws.

Allow me to elaborate:

If i have an idea that a Thorax get a re-skin model of a vibrator and get enough of my alts to vote for it, and then my friends and their alts to vote for it and then link the idea on reddit for lols because someone once had the idea that CCP must respond to an idea that ranks high enough…you think CCP should discuss it?

Does Boaty McBoat Face ring a bell to you? What about the bandwagon fallacy?

It’s a bad idea, ripe for abuse.

If you don’t think people will be so dishonest as to make dozens of alts to promote themselves or their agenda then you need to see this:

The current method works for the most part. Anyone, literally anyone, can post an idea and it is discussed and picked apart by, again, literally anyone. Players don’t have to upvote or downvote, they can discuss both the merits and demerits of an idea both at once. People can upvote their friends idea but really it means nothing (as it should). Trolls and bad rebuttals can be ignored as such by anyone who recognises them. Any idea that survives a decent thrashing on the forums does so purely out of discussion in a sort of natural selection by survival of the fittest.

And THEN CCP may take notice and bring the idea to an internal discussion.

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So I can get my ideas implemented by making 10,000 alpha toons and voting for myself?

Again with the toxic negativity

“CCP are so stupid that any big brain boy would create x amount of accounts and CCP would be helpless against this type of voter fraud”

and simplistic childish arguments where you think you have won an argumentation just because if thought you found a flaw in a plan. Toxic people will try to find anything to complain about like their life depended on it.

“we should not drive cars because you could crash and die”
“don’t buy a computer it could catch on fire and you could die”
“don’t try to do anything new because you could fail while trying and then die”

Make it in such a way that the posting character has to deposit 500 PLEX :credit_card: in order to be able to post a suggestion and if it receives more negative votes than positive within a week then the PLEX is confiscated as punishment for posting a bad idea and if same or less negatives than positives then the PLEX is returned to the poster’s account. :wink:


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No, because developers have their own ideas and they don’t have to be in the election, they automatically win, this forum is just a customer feel good service :crazy_face:

If i told you that it was a bad idea to jump off a building with no parachute, you’d call it ‘toxic negativity’.

That pretty much sums this thread up.


Please don’t talk him out of it…

Edit; Fine, talk him out of it. :roll_eyes:

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Oh shit you got me.

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You invited such strawman when you did the same thing here:

Hypocrite much?