Whelp the hel

Hello everyone,

So i have been playing for some time, and i am kinda getting boored, so to close one huge chapter on my eve playing i whant to whelp my 1st hel.

So little about me.
I first time tried eve back in 2008, but back then it was hard to start because non of my friends were interested in playing and we were playing mostly DotA, so i convinced my friends to try out interesting game, called EVE online, 2 friends joined me on the adventure called eve online, and bouth left in less then 10 minits of trying game, because they coudnt stear ships using WSAD.
Since left alone i quit aswell.
Few years went by and those 2 same friends wrote me, in 2015 that they found out super interesting space game, funny enough thats eve online, so we started playing, provi were the 1st nul sec where we went, and we joined best aliance that have ever been part to. That was Elemental Tide with Max Sneak leading the aliance.
I started my FC carrier in Proviblock. One of my favorit fleets were i joined were led by EOS Canon using intys. i instantly become in love with interceptors and there speed/agility/nulification, so i Started leading interceptor fleets, where we even managed to kill some capitals in them.
Time went on and i needed change, and understanding restrictions that provi had (no capital rattings, and constant attacks) and understanding that PL invasion coming on, move to Aliance Evictus that were tacking Legacy offer to move over to catch. In Evictus I have been for almost 2.5 years.
And now i have moved over to Brave, to pass down my knowlige to new guys

Whelp the hel
Location 18XA-C <—my first nul sec home system
Date 27.042020 19:30 eve time


o7 mate

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Ex Elemental Tide has heard the call :trumpet:

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not going to jump out of system like last time?

I will not Jump out,
But if i will be ignored i will just start using gates :smiley:

op sucess!!. happy birthday hel said goodbye

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