Hel online


Super cap can track subcap even frigate
so day after day more and more pilot play in super in pvp
impossible to do small gang now

so everybody in Hel ?

it is the way to kill your game CCP

note for CCP:
you wan Eve go pay to win ? Then you will have a game with maybe 1.000 pilot bored in their Hel alone in space…


Hel no!


“Here lies @Agent_Khanid’s Ashimmu, 2018-2018”

Rest In Pepperoni !


A small gang of 5 cruiser can handle a hel easily. If you cannot, then you may need to learn a bit about how eve online pvp works.

Would you care to elaborate so i can see how to handle it ? My issues are with super carrier fit with Networked Sensor Array for fast lock ( > 500mm scan res; > 1000mm with 2 sebo) The long range attack fighter can track very well at range and the DPS is insane. Thanks.


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Super are fine, the sniper drone are very squishy and have only a base range of 30km, are easy to kill, they’re slow, you can jam them aswell. the dps is “insane” only on paper due to very poor application most of time.
Fly one and you’ll see how bad It is, especially in the worst super who die to a few dreads.

The application is pretty bad. You need 2 faction omni to get a DCENT (not even good) application on cruiser.
Heavy fighters are like missile, they can’t miss, but sig and speed reduce the amount of damage. So just get a high resistance small cruiser with good speed and small sig. Also X-instinct booster are a must (reduce sig). Also heavy fighters have slow rate of fire (so big alpha)

A remote tech3 can handle their DPS, web fighters and kill them fast. Not more complicated.

we are a gang for fight subcap like usual real pvp pilots

so when we are droped by 2 hel full track and sebo we can do nothing

so now it is Hel everywhere, in south in north Esat West

so pilots like me will just stop this Hel online game and you alone in your fecking super in space

Small gang pilots, not like you, but just a bit better and aware of the meta can handle that fine.

(fyi, i’m a small gang pilot, not a super or cap pilote).


I am ready for some youtube video or a killmaill if you can point me in the right direction.

How do you explain these ?



I have plenty of these but new user can’t post more than 2 link.

you are nothing , you use no killboard char for post in topic , you just talk ■■■■.
link hell kill with 5 cruisers…

pvp is fun because there plenty pilot wan fight

i m not the best and i think i m not alone

i just say you boring al large part of pvp pilot with Hel full track sebo everywhere

i see a Nyx posted on citadel with his fighter on gate instalock a proteus landed on the gate and not jumped in the second and one shoot it, seriously. it s a capital with 1.200 scan res !!!

you kill the game with super everywhere. i m not joking

Yes you rigth , with few dread , you kill easy super but we talk about small pvp gang , or when you solo roam in subcap ship and you are oneshoot by super at citadel who just put drone at range from gate and ■■■■ like this…
https://zkillboard.com/kill/71858055/ one exemple…but https://zkillboard.com/ship/22852/ just check hel kb…

I was not talking about killing the super, but you can kill fighters and be free.

Look the ridiculous amount of super kill there is there. And you’ll see on some of theme there is not much.

We killed multiple super in period basis sor delve with like 5 subcaps (and then dreads for the dps, ofc). But we handle and keep it on field with 5 sub.

this post is for warning you

we are plenty thousand of pvp pilot with average level and if you boring us we will just stop this Hel game and then you will be happy in your Hel without targets, you probably stop the game also.

Yes , you kill supcarrier who pve in annom , its not same think when you engage ship who tackle you and drop you or wait you in buble , or camp gate from 1000+ km , you still nobody , i dont see your char…

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It’s exactly the same. But you may be right, keep crying on a forum, i’m no one, you’re no one as well. And no one care. If you cry about something and bitch over people giving you tips to handle the issue… Then stay in your corner =)

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Yellow XXX you say ■■■■ tips

i play since 2006 at Eve

i know we have no chance with a Hel with small gang pvp

you just a troll

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Juifferson , its my in game caracter , if you want 1vs1 , you welcome but you have no balls for link you caracter name then… i not cry , i just explain my problem with some game issue who kills slowly this nice game…

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