When do you think that we will get more pirate factions

when do you think we will and if we will please also leave an idea for what they would do in the lore


why this saturday?

It’s a lore thing.

is it another cult

According to the Caldari State, yes, but Amarrians describe it more as a congregational fellowship. The cool thing is they will have triangle technology and more lasers.

why does this sound like something I have put out before :thinking:
:100: sure i have said something like this before

I think it just shows that CCP listens (and cares).

found it

and I know the cruiser needs a new name

CCP neither listens nor cares. A CCP thinks only and only about accumulating money…

so if they listen to idea they get more money and makes us feal like they care

CCP not interested in payments in Zimbabwean dollars…

Ahoy mateys. Shiver me timbers.

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Worship and singing is done best on the weekends.

/Also Mindahouf Davaham evemail me pls.

Maybe we can get a new pirate faction that proclaims ownership over all of empire space and demand people to pay them ISK entering their space. They would mostly use T1 destroyers fitted for maximum DPS as their enforcer ship to blow up everyone who does not fulfill their tax demand. Maybe they could be called The New Owners of Hisec: Bringers of Safety and Order.


Oh that’s some shots fired at @Mindahouf_Davaham


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sure will do

8 days ago

A simple request from Mindahouf Davaham


I don't know how to repond to that evemail you sent today.


sorry forgot about that mesage so was asking what to you wanted give me a bit to send you a new one

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