When Public is NOT Public

I am looking for a change of scenery so I began looking for public faculties to do my industry. I like to use the facilities tab in the industry window for this.

Using the various settings offered I choose a few structures to visit to check out the location. Remember, I always use the “Public facilities” option.

Once I arrive in system I attempt to dock. More often than not this “Public facility” denies docking. So, why is it listed as public? Is there a way to determine docking rights BEFORE traveling to the system?

In the Info window for the resp. structure, check the Services tab for a Docking entry. If you can see it, you should be able to dock (but of course, rights can be revoked at any time). Also, if you cannot see the Services tab at all for a specific structure, you cannot dock.

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Yup, it is a good way to lose your mats/bpo/bpc

Perfect! Excellent answer. This is the step I was missing. Thank you!

Its just too bad that “Public facilities” does not actually use this to filter out all the ones that cant be accessed.

they can also forget to add fuel.

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