When Will Null Sov Deploy Occupier Fleets in the FW Zones?

We all know that FW LP is very, extremely valuable. Especially when the LP goes towards purchasing Navy Dreads. Dreads that will definitely expand the power of Null Sov Empires. But which empires will push their occupier fleets into the FW zones and from where?

Will Test or Fraternity push in the from the north? Will Pandemic Horde or NC. push in from the east?
Then there is Dracarys vying for Goon space and Goons defending their own sov in the south. or We Form Blob and Cloud Ring pushing in from the west.

The rush for Null empires to secure Navy Dreads from the FW could soon trickle into the FW zone and last for weeks even months as Null empires jocky their home defenses into position while their occupier fleets set up camps in the FW zone where they would run all FW Capsuleer’s out. Because who wants to pay ISK for LP when your Null empire can occupy the FW zones and earn the LP for free?

Will the border outpost systems in the FW zone alert all four factions when Null invades?

Nullsec empires cannot capture the sovereignty for themselves, it can only go between Minmatar and Amarr, for example. All they can do is just join the war in alts en masse, which provides some content to the FW players. Those fleets of Coercers, Tristans, Caracals, etc. in the warzones right now? Those are all farmers that will just run from combat. A few are actually warzone run, but I think most of them are nullbloc related, hence the reason why Amarr has all of them and you never really see any Minmatar ones, unless I am bad at looking. Everyone knows Amarrs have the best gun capitals (Rev and Avatar), and the RevNI is going to be no different.

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I’m surprised a Null Block Alliance doesn’t create two fleets, one Calmil and one Galmil, then drop into the FW zone and run the actual militias out. Then the single NBA could offensively plex and then defensively plex at the same time and reap twice the LP ten times faster.

Who said they don’t? That’s EXACTLY what happens.

Well, if what I suggested did happen, then Galmil would be awoxing every true Galmil member.

I mean the null blocks can just buy dreads. But to be honest, I’ll be wanting to see one of those large groups come into low sec and try to see what they can do. We’ll see if it ends up like the time Fraternity tried to save a POCO (which Snuffed Out hit in retaliation for the destruction of 7 POCOs of corps blue to Snuffed), and the FC totally forgot that he couldn’t hold a Revenant without a HIC. And if it’s one of those large groups I don’t like show up, I’m ready to join the low sec group just to I can participate in the battle. And hopefully it won’t be more complex than approaching and hitting F1 since I was once told to be part of a cap chain and absolutely dread that experience.

Not worth the standing hit.

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