Where could I ask?

So im solo playing but wanted to mine so moon ore becuse scordite gives way do damn little pyrite and I need like 35mil m3 worth of it. So one in npc corp told me I could ask around and so if a corp was willing to let me mine their stuff and pay a 10% cut.

But where in hell should I ask that in local in trade hubs or such ?

Do you mean you need 35m m3 of pyrite or scordite?

A good starting point is to look around local 0.5 systems for clusters of refineries. Find the owners and talk with them. If you see a population spike in the system, typically you could just ask in local.

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I ment pyrite but problem is score dite give like 90 per 100 untis would take damn for ever to mine if I need 35m m3 and yes I need it wanting to build 10 hurricanes, 10 cyclone, 10 tornados and 10 procurer. it´s around 33-35m pyrite I think I calculated I already have all the tritanium and the null ore thanks to ninja mining in WH

35m units is not 35m m3, 35m m3 is 3.5b units. That’s why I was asking.

Zeolites are you best bet for pyrite.

You don’t even have to ask. And their only recourse is to gank you…


If you can get it into your station hangar, it’s yours! :innocent:

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