Where did the +3% titan command link bonus go?

Didn’t titans have a +3% command link bonus per level once?

Didn’t find anything about it. However, I’ve found reddit posts and others links saying that the Titans has bonus per level given to each fleet member, depending of the race of the Titan (Avatar gave capacitor recharge rate bonus, Léviathan gave maximum shield hit points bonus, etc).

However, I think it’s a good thing those bonus were stripped. It gives Command Ships a role to play in major battles were boost are needed to get the best out of a fleet. If those bonus stayed, T2 Battlecruiser wouldn’t be used for boost anymore, but just as higher damage medium platforms.

That sounds daft. So why do titan have a link bonus in the first place?

Look at it this way, the command ship is the best subcapital link boat and a titan the best capital link boat.

Oh well, who flies subcapitals anyways amirite. This is titan and super dooper online and not a game for kitties or sissies.

They did, and it seems it was removed during the change from Warfare Links to Command Bursts.

" Effect Generators are the replacement for the old passive bonuses from Titans."
from https://www.eveonline.com/article/command-bursts#BURST


Ah okay, that explains it. Though it is still sad. I mean if a command ship is throwing burst around, a titan will still be at that +3% level.

I do like the phenomenon generators. So it would just be better to let a super throw the links around then, since fitting them on a titan would be a waste of high slots, gotcha.

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