Where do you get Science Graduates?

I know you can just buy them off the market but where else can I find Science Graduates?

They are used in manufacturing the Standup Hyasyoda Research Lab.

Googled but not much info out there.

Cargo on distribution missions but you would need to fail the mission to keep them.

Oh wow, that is very interesting! A blueprint that requires materials that can only be gotten via an obscure “hack”.

Even more interesting … they are consumed during the build …


Hi, I’m a recent graduate with a degree in a science related field. You’ve found me. :grin:

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Prepare to be consumed.

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@Renee_Frost the Hyasyoda Research Laboratory (POS laboratory) used to be a reward from completing the Penumbra (Caldari) L4 Epic Arc (taking the Hyasyoda path). As such I’m certain the reward is now the StandUp Hyasyodo Research Lab service module for Upwell Structures. This also means that no BPC exist to be used for manufacturing the Service Modules.

There are StandUp Hyasyodo Research Lab BPCs in contracts though. Maybe the epic arc rewards the BPC and not the module?

Yes, it does award a BPC. You take a normal lab + the graduates and make a Hyasyoda.

Ok confirmed: we do get a Standup Hyasyoda Research Lab BPC single run. I just did the epic arc.

Still pretty strange to require what is essentially “one weird trick” to get the manufacturing input though. vOv

I have performed the future leaders distribution mission for fed navy. the passenger manifest is for for 6 group of science graduates. these are not science graduates which is a different type of item. eve if I fail the mission I do not have what I need to build a hyasyoda research lab. where do I find science graduates?

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