Where is the best place to sell plex?

Is Jita still the best place to sell plex ? If so how many plex i should to buy enough skill points to eliminate 20 days of skills training.
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at least 7

From what i can see the best price in jita for plex is 2 941 000 isk and the price for large skill injector is 686 000 000 . When i divide 686 millions by 2 941 000 i come with the number of 233, 25. Does it mean i would have to spend basically 234 plex to gather those 686 millions of isk.

before you think about buying a LSI, you need to think about if its gonna be worth it, based on how many SP you have… the LSI does have diminishing returns, and the higher your SP, the less the LSI is going to give you in terms of SP

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I just started playing , 3 days ago so at the moment i thinking how to get huge amount of skill points as fast as i can.

LSI will work then, since you will have the bare minimum of skill points to be able to get the 500,000 SP that a LSI offers…

Skill points are pointless without real game knowledge to apply to them.

Paying to play eve IMHO opinion is not worthwhile. Eve mail me in game with a discord name and I can sort you out though, free Sunday.

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