Where is the recruitment center?

Looking at the main forum page, there used to be a link to the recruitment area, but it no longer seems to be there. For me to see it I have to click on a recruitmnet post that i had saved. Was this removed in error?



Seems to pop up fine for me. You can find it here.


It’s on the front page of the forums.

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Maybe you have been banned from using it, or some forum hickup. There are bugs persisting already like with notifications, so who knows. :thinking:

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maybe. The image the @Solstice_Projekt posted is what i used to see.

Ill log out/in the forums and see. i am not banned as i can access it via a sved recruitment thread

logged in to other chracters and can see it, still cannot on this character so something odd for sure

Bugs then :mosquito: :spider: :ant: :bug::spider: :ant: :bug:

Is this character in an npc corp?

No, he is in a created corp that an Omega alt of mine passed over to him

I found the reason, I seem to have muted the recruitment options from underneath the slider on the right hand side. Unmuted that and it appears now.

I hope you mean you seem to have forgotten you’ve mooted it.

So it’s your fault. All of this is your fault!
You are required to pay me 100 Million ISK for this situation you’ve caused!
Dozens of people spent a collective life time trying to figure out what was wrong!

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Yes, my fault… but ISK, no, im poor…

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