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So I am coming back to the game after a long time away, when I quit I said I was never coming back, sold all my stuff, gave it all away, deleted my characters…and here I am, with my brand new newbie alpha character that just got out of an ibis.

I used to chill and mine in nullsec (years ago) and want to get back into it. Are you taking super super noobs, because I don’t know anything about any of the new mining mechanics (heard something about moon mining asteroids now or something), but don’t feel like wasting my time in high sec.

Would love a chill group to hang out with while I train up and shoot some roids.

Also, not gonna lie…since I have nothing at all now, free skills books or starter mining ships/supplies/etc would be a nice bonus, but not required.

Feel free to message me in game if I’m good, full API is fine with me and will get into as many fleets as I am able.

Great, I will contact you in-game to talk to you about this further :slight_smile:

Hi I’m Alex. I’ve been only playing for a week but I’ve been able to level up and get skill books. I’m not yet able to mine ice however I’m willing to be a jack of all trades. I just want a cooperation to be in for a while. I don’t know much of the lingo speak but I’ve been learning. I’m willing to mine but I also like the fighting aspects.

When is a good time to talk with a recruiter? What area of space are you currently in?

Hello there Rogar! We would be willing to chat with you in game and work out getting you into the corp with us. Just mail me in game or feel free to join the ‘Spectral Public’ channel and contact one of the officers in there.

Hey there Cephelange. We have recruiters on during all time zones but the easiest way to get in touch is to mail me or one of the other recruiters in the ‘Spectral Public’ channel. You can also flag one of us down if you see us in the channel with you. We reside in Delve as members of the Brothers in Arms alliance, which is part of the Imperium.

Hello. Im Alpha for now and english is not my first lenguage (im from Argentina, South America).
I started to play EVE a month ago, i like the game so far, but im getting bored playing alone. I was in a corp where i learned the basics, but they where allways off or afk.
Im looking for a corp were i can learn more without feeling like a burden.
Currently im mining in safe places while at work.
Dont know what it means to join a fleet, so i dont know if im willing to do it. API check is not a problem for me.

Hello there Alex, I would be happy to chat with you in game further about our Corp and what is required of you. Please join ‘Spectral Public’ channel and get in touch with me or one of the officers there. You can also mail me if no one is there to chat with you. Thank you for your interest in Spectral.

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I’m currently Gallente pilot doing PvE missions and Incursions with PvP on the side from time to time. I just left FW and found it fun, yet not something I wanna do all the time. I’m looking to stick to the Gallente / Minmatar questing and was wondering if your home base had any close by systems to support that. Or if there was something else, some other mission hub that would not hurt my Gal/Min standings I could do for fun in your area. I’m really eager to get into an experienced corp that is active and who’s focus is not 100% on PvP… every corp seems to be all about PvP…

I will attempt to contact you in-game to discuss you joining our corp - hope to see you with us soon :slight_smile:

I’m away from the game for a few days due to Holiday, I’ll be back soon.

Still open for recruitment! Come say hello and see if we are a good fit for you!

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Getting that daily bump, we are still open for recruitment. Come say hello and learn what we are about

Bump, still open for recruitment! Come to our public channel and see what we can offer YOU!

Want to pvp in small and large fleets? Keen to have a safe place to earn the isk to enjoy the gane? Come see us and we’ll be glad to explain what we have to offer

Getting that daily bump

Is recruitment still open?
Yes, yes it is!

Recruitment is still OPEN, Please join our public channel for more information!