Where is W space?

Real quick. We … don’t really have a super-massive black hole in EVE. would be really cool.

Weird idea though… What is W space are the core systems? The closer to the black hole they are, the higher the rating. This would require some modeling of “where” they are, but this would also solidify any future iterations.

This would also satisfy the lore - why there aren’t there star gates?

Well, the core is to volatile. Current gate tech can’t overcome the interference from the black hole and the weird radiation coming from the systems. No stargates, so no maps.

W space is where the weak die and the cunning survive.

I think this was posted in the wrong section.

As far as the answer to the question… I suppose it kinda depends on what kind of answer you actually want. When w-space launched, a map was leaked. That map showed w-space to the east of new eden. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s actually positioned that way in-game. It seems to be far easier for video games developers to put hidden stuff on the actual map than to make weird exceptions.

If it’s a question about lore, in which case, the appropriate response is “who cares.” Lore in EVE is a joke. However, unless there’s been newer info, the whole point of w-space is that nobody knows where it is. Distant galaxy, alternate dimension… it’s supposed to be part of the mystery.

Jita is

x -129064861734878260
y 60755306909963630
z 117469227060090290

J160710 is

x 7614250562499161000
y 4690875177614132
z -9384433007120237000

distance is 1,225757819×10¹⁹ m so 81938502,673796791 AU (±82M AU)
FYI a ship going 10km/s would need 4156h to run 1AU

now let’s put coordinates in k AU instead of m, rounded 3rd number

- Jita Amarr Thera J160710
x -863 -1370 48100 50900
y 406 269 10300 31.4
z 785 -385 -64000 -62700

so from those few example we can deduce wh space is high X, high negative z

Now looking at the map, what is north : basically northest Kspace system is qyzm which is, in position and k AU (-669, 427, 3160) ; while the southest one seems to be lx5k with position (-1000, -278, -3240).
from this we can assume than north is Z>0, becasue it’s the highest normal difference.

I’m tired, I’ll let you do the same for x and y.

lol, if I cared 10% as much as you do, I’d convert it into ly. :smile:

Interpretation: By the numbers you posted, looks like it’s just about due east and quite a ways down.

@OP, the modeling of “where” each w-space system is in relation to eachother has already been done. It’s called a map. And there should be several publicly available.

I f you had cared at least a little, you had understood that

is wrong. That’s exactly why I wanted to convert to AU, that is to know at a glance what x, y, z are for.

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