Where to give general feedback?

I know there are feedback posts for specific content updates, but my issue doesn’t really fit in any of them.

Specifically, CCP added a new god awful sound that plays whenever a window is closed. It is just short of being painful. I would like to give feedback on this in hopes it is removed, as I don’t want mute all the UI sounds.

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Surely one of the new ui threads would be the place to give feedback on the new feature you descibed , in answer to your question.

It’s not part of the new UI. It was added to the old UI for some reason.

Sorry my bad just assumed it was .

Nobody has been complaining about the noise until the new UI. Several have mentioned it in the feedback thread for todays update

That could be why i associated it with the new ui , thanks

Well I’m not using the new UI.

Just because you aren’t using the new UI doesn’t mean the noise wasn’t created during the deployment of said UI. The release is still how changes were installed, and is the correct place to give feedback.

If non patch related, I had always thought the best way to give feedback is either on GD or C&P for most if not all game related topics where others can comment.

That’s trifling compared with getting a 21 gun salute every time I warp. Which gets incredibly tiresome if one is doing 28 jumps. If any sound needs muting, it is that one.

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