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Is there a website that shows where to get stuff, where stuff came from, how to get/make stuff?

Few short examples of what I’m looking for:

Coreli A-Type Small Armour Repairer - aquired by finishing escalation “Serpentis Narcotis Warehose” by chance

Ishtar bpc - researched from a vexor bpc

and so on.

(MacGregor Orlenard) #2

use https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Main_Page

or google.

(Donnachadh) #3

Check the contracts section of the UI as well many of the items you seek can be found there.
Also a market tool like EvE Central can be a good place to look as well.

Also be aware that many ships like the Ishtar have significantly higher skills and materials requirements than an average T1 hull. So before you buy a BPC for any of the more advanced ships make sure you have a character with the required skills and that you have access to the required materials and in sufficient quantities to complete the ship otherwise you are wasting you ISK on something you will not be able to build.

(Murkalael Arbinger) #4

@Donnachadh you misunderstood. No buying involved. The point here is to know to to make/aquire specific itens from their source, learn how to craft some pricy stuff, know where to aquire the materials, drop itens from specific rats, etc.

(Sara Starbuck) #5

Theres no full database in EVE like for example WoW has, you have to dig around for the info. Navy ship bpcs you can buy with loyalty points from faction Loyalty Point stores, which do have databases.
Same goes for pirate ship bpcs, not tournament rewards ofc.

Deadspace stuff like the Coreli repper you linked dont drop from certain one place, but randomly from all deadspace complexes and exploration sites so particular module is hard to farm, the ships drop modules for their own size.

Uniwiki has some info on them, and there is scattered info on the webs, hunting for these is total rng, most of time you just get the cheap stuff and mostly farming for certain module is best by farming isk and buying it.

(Memphis Baas) #6

Nobody bothered to put together a central database, I think.

In general:

T1 items/ships - manufactured from T1 blueprints found on the market
T1 meta items - drops from rats
T2 items/ships - manufactured from T2 blueprints (which you get from T1 blueprint copies + various materials through the “Invention” research process)
Officer items - drops from boss/named rats
Navy ships - offered in the Loyalty Point stores for the various “security” oriented corporations - Caldari Navy, Caldari Police Force, etc.
Pirate ships - offered in the Loyalty Point stores for the various pirate factions - you can do missions for pirates out in 0.0 NPC-owned space.
Super-capital ships - must be manufactured in 0.0 space with sovereignty held by an alliance, and it takes months.
T3 ships -

T2 ship components - manufactured using a combination of moon goo and salvage

Loyalty Point (LP) stores offer 1-run blueprints and also the already-made ships. Most of the offers involve paying a rather large amount of LP AND millions of ISK. This is why the ships cost a lot of ISK on the market.

(Donnachadh) #7

I do understand perhaps better than you. T2 and T3 ship construction requires materials that are not commonly available. Let us start with T2, they require materials that can only be sourced from moon mining in low and nul. Then they require reactions performed in a player owned structure to turn them into the materials that are used for ship manufacturing. Can you acquire them for free? Well if you ignore the costs to buy, setup, operate and defend the player owned structures required I guess you could consider these materials free.
Moon mining information
EvE Wikia moon mining
EvE University moon mining
Can a solo player or small group do all of this?
Small dedicated group yes you can been there and done that, but the hassles and the costs associated simply make it more ISK efficient to buy the ships from others and have more time to make ISK and have fun with other things.
Could a solo player set up an operation to mine the raw materials and then turn them into a complete ship? In theory yes a solo player could, the realities of purchasing and defending the structures required makes that an unlikely possibility.

T3 construction is slightly different than T2, because of these differences it is slightly easier for a small group / solo player to make T3 ships. While most of the materials needed would be free (ignoring the potential costs of ships lost to sleepers and pirates in the worm holes going after them) you still need to have a player owned structure to build them in so I have to ask are these materials really free?

(Trevor Dalech) #8

To add to this:

Deadspace modules and pirate ship BPC also drop from the bosses in combat exploration sites (and more rarely, from anomalies or their escalations.)

These drops are pirate faction specific, for example Sansha will drop deadspace armor modules and Phantasm BPC, while Gurista drop shield modules and Gila BPC.

(Do Little) #9

http://games.chruker.dk/eve_online/market.php is a useful place to start for things that are player made. This database is no longer maintained and won’t reflect changes in the last 2 years.

The nice thing is it gives you the seed locations for blueprints, lists all skills and materials for things it knows about. I still reference it a lot.

Faction stuff from LP stores can be found: http://www.ellatha.com/eve/LP_Stores.asp

For the other stuff, I don’t think CCP publishes the loot tables and they are subject to change.

(DeMichael Crimson) #10

Back in my first couple years of playing this game, I did a sorta round-about way of acquiring specific Faction / Deadspace modules that I normally couldn’t gain myself due to location, lack of skill and or equipment.

At that time Gistii 1MN Afterburners and Microwarpdrives were hot items to sell so I started running low level Angel exploration sites which mainly dropped those modules along with Domination mods every once in a while. I ran those sites quite regularly for a couple of weeks and quickly built up a sizable amount of those prop mods for transport to a trade hub, sold them and then bought the specific Faction / Deadspace item I originally wanted.

In the process of doing that I was contacted by another player who offered to buy all the Faction / Deadspace prop mods I could get for his PvP Corpmates. Since I had a buyer set up I continued running those sites and every 3 or 4 days I’d contract him about a dozen of those modules.

Needless to say it was very profitable and after a couple of months of doing that I started looking at other ways to make more profit. For some reason at that time Dark Blood Power Diagnostic Systems were almost triple the price of True Sansha Power Diagnostic Systems yet they both had the same stats. So I started buying all the True Sansha Power Diagnostic Systems that were for sale in public contracts.

For a month I continuously bought and hoarded those modules with the plan to ‘Buy Low and Sell High’. After collecting over 2 dozen of them I started selling them at a price above the Dark Blood mods. Much to my surprise they actually sold very quickly, meanwhile I’d still buy the True Sansha Power Diagnostic Systems as soon as anybody placed them in the contracts at their original low price.

Needless to say I basically cornered the market on True Sansha Power Diagnostic Systems for about 3 months before others got wise and started matching my price. Course by then I had built up plenty of Loyalty Points by running missions for Thukker Mix to purchase Thukker Shield Extenders which was another hot item to sell.

During all that time I’d also buy other Faction / Deadspace mods that I needed but couldn’t actually acquire myself in order to bling fit a couple of my ships to use for exploration. After a few months of selling Thukker Shield Extenders, I then began doing exploration extensively and soon after that I was able to start stockpiling various types of Faction / Deadspace mods. Today most of my ships are bling fit and even though my wallet only has a few bill ISK in it, I have a very large stockpile of Faction and Deadspace modules to work with and or sell if needed.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying those exact steps and items will accomplish the same results today. However the general premise of what I did is still sound and should basically achieve the same goal, you just have to do some research and see which items are hot, then start with the lower ones and work up to the higher ones. In the process of doing that you’ll be able to easily get the items you want.

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