Where's the absolute best place to sell Overseers Personal Effects?

Is there such a place?

Sell them to NPC buy orders. They are normally bought at DED or CONCORD stations.
There’s no trade in them on the general market - what there is are people buying them cheap at hubs and hauling them for a pittance of a profit. It’s normally only two or three jumps to somewhere you can unload them.

Where are they hailing them to tho?


Concord or DED stations, check for “security office” on the map.

See the EveMarketer link I gave.
Look low down on the buyers list, below all the 360,000 ISK NPC buy orders. There are buy orders from other players (capsuleers), such as a 294,000 ISK buy at Jita.
The buyer will then haul to the nearest NPC buyer and sell them. They make a small profit after tax.
The seller takes a small loss (effectively “pays for convenience”) by just selling at Jita compared to taking the to an NPC themselves.

Got it. Thanks!

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