WHO CCP? - Hire decision makers who know what they're doing

Jesus, who every made this decision needs firing, absolute disgrace and lazy. Use your imagination.


Jesus… how many different threads are we going to have on this topic?
C’mon, the guy is a doctor, he’s gotta be needed somewhere in New Eden.

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Who is going to be needed in New Eden?

I mean you could also use your imagination.

But instead, here you are, a grown adult crying in a vidya game forum about a crossover event.

It is delicious :smiley:

Imagine this stupid Fortnite crap wasn’t to the left and to the right of this stupid thread.

Imagine you thinking its the companies fault when in fact it is your fellow gamers who have led you to this fate :smiley:

The doctor, of course. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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