Who decided to change eve's voice?

I just reactivated my accounts for 2 days and I already can’t stand eve’s new voice. That being said, why did CCP change it, the old one was way better than this crap?
I might be biased, maybe I was used to the old one… who knows, the new one sounds really really bad to me, at least compared to the old one. But the big question is, what the f. was wrong with the old one?
Can’t CCP actually spend the money on building stuff than waste it on stuff that was actually good in the first place? Who’s wife is that?..

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Wow, talk about being late to the party.

Something, something New Player Experience in 2016(?) with new Aura voice acting and the original actress wasn’t available or something.

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Thats basically it. The original actress was not available, so they recorded new lines with a new actress. It means, in order to kill confusion they had to change the old voice.

Still i think CCP could keep original tone and emotional color of Aura voice?

People complain too much about trivial things.


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