Why antigank?

I really don’t need to hoard isk as the regional market deposits isk into my account and even paying the Jita 4-4 tax leave more than enough to rp with

Right now we are doing other stuff and we still get to kill low sec criminals

But high sec criminals are still on our radar

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@Githany_Red sweetie, you are the criminals.


I think that stopping a gank like how Githany Red had shared with us might actually make an interesting interaction. I was looking at my achievements on this pilot and it shows that I could unlock some remote Boost shields along with Armor repair HP as I had only completed 395/700 that is on offer in the Soldier of Fortine Support (Air Career Program)

Release Githany at once!

What have you done with Githany?

She might get to like it.

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She has been a bad girl, sentenced to become my personal slave till further notice.

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Inform your handler that time is up, no bonus isk this month.

Yet another failed gank……

Antigank 1 / gank 0

Screenshot and/or video evidence, or it never happened.

Bonus Timer Expired

Don’t do what exactly? I’m an alcoholic… not a mind reader!

It takes a higher mindset to uncover my secret messages.

Use the search function is what I was implying back then.

“It takes a higher mindset to uncover my secret messages.”

You mean space crack?


Well Aiko, I did some of AG, but I was never against ganking and I’m still not, is part of the game and I always respected it. Back in 2014, when ganking started to becoming hot in systems like Uedama, I had a friend calling me to “pew pew some bad guys”. I was thinking that was some king of event happening so I went there and pew pew some flashy Catalysts. It was fun, and I was taking notes how the attacks were so very well organized, some times freighers were gankend, others not.

In all my time in EVE, only one time I was ganked, because I was AP to Hek, and lost and expensive pod. I learned my lesson, it was my mistake to not caring very much. Was I mad? Nah I just remember returning to my computer and I was again on my Home Station, I just said to me “Well, I need to buy my expensive implants again”. Is just space pixels in the end of the day.

But being out of the game some years I wasn’t aware of the modifications to the ganking mechanics, the buffs of ships, and other aspects. 2 weeks ago I found the Meta Show that Brisc talked about ganking and interviewed some well know gankers, and they exposed very well the changes that had been happening the last years. And even they gave some tactics how to avoid ganking, with that information people is only ganked if really is not present on the computer. Is just to easy to avoid it nowadays.

What a friend of mine said when I started to play the game, is that even the name “Highsec” doesn’t mean you’re completely secure, and I liked it. And I hope that EVE doesn’t become a safe space. Peeps have fun. Aiko is a sweetie.

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Know your place peasant, that is not how you address a Princess.