Cloaky campers: Game breaking

(Jevinie) #1

Anyone who lives in Nullsec, and mines in Nullsec, Knows that a Neut, even a single one, can shut down mining ops in an entire neighborhood. If they are lucky and clever, they can do it for a bit… Or… They can cloak and sit somewhere… forever… and there is Zero- NON, ZIP, NONE EXISTANT, a way to counter them. They can camp forever and you have o way of knowing if they will drop on you. and there IS NO COUNTER. NONE, ZIP, NON EXISTENT.

It’s game breaking, honestly.

(Chocolate Pickle) #2

Go there or otherwise be quiet.

(Jevinie) #3

You hoof wanking bunglecunt. Tell me to be quiet again.

(Jen Outamon) #4

I wonder if a cloaked blue ready to jump in on some miner bait would be a good counter? Just consider yourself lucky you live in Null and have the luxury of “local” :slight_smile:

(Chocolate Pickle) #5

But do you realise that a cloak doesn’t shut down a mining op.

The fear of being dropped on shuts down a mining op. A cloaked ship never kills anyone. Cloaked ships can’t light cynos. Uncloaked ships, however, have counters.

(Jevinie) #6

You shouldn’t be able to do anything in EVE AFK and be safe, untouchable even, forever. Null sec is suppose to be dangerous at all times, that’s the point, but being able to AFK and be forever cloaked, is pretty much breaking the point of null.

(Chocolate Pickle) #7

Back to highsec you go! Nobody forces you to be in null.

(Jevinie) #8

You know what’s worse than being a Condescending prick?

Being an ignorant condescending prick. Congratulations on earring that distinction guy. Maybe improve your reading comprehension abit, ya?

(Chocolate Pickle) #9

Well we agree on that. By definition, you aren’t doing anything while AFK.

You are safe from cloaked ships.

So I guess what you’re saying is that cloaked ships should be able to target, tackle, and shoot while cloaked. After all, nullsec is supposed to be dangerous at all times.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #10

cloaky campers never hurt anyone, AFK campers have hurt even fewer. its only when they are active and decloaked that you need to worry. until then, the only thing stopping you is your own fear. fit even a suggestion of a tank, and have backup nearby. if your alliance mates aren’t willing to come kill things with you, then maybe reconsider who you fly with.

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