Why Bump A Freighter Prior To A Gank?

You are saying there are 10 gank fleet running in parallel all the time. So theoretically, it would be possible to gank every 1 1/2 minutes, but I kept it at 3 because you had used that value above as a theoretical value.

But, if this is what the data shows, then no one can argue with it. I’m just asking whether you have actually looked at the data or not, and I still suspect that all you’ve done is eyeball off zkill, and that isn’t any sort of good analysis.

I’ll pull the last 12 months of data now and look. We’ll see, because I have a hard time believing there are 10 gank fleets running in parallel all the time.

Enjoy it. You will not find anything that proves my point in the data alone. But you will find lots of things that prove your warped interpretation of the data. :wink:

I bet that not a single gank outside Burn Jita has all 10 alt families on them. At most there are 3 alt families on a gank mail. Which proves your points perfectly.

And yet, you cannot disprove my argument with that kind of data analysis because that kind of data interpretation portraits a very incomplete picture.

So if there is no proof of your point in the data, how do you know you are correct?

What warped view do I have. You actually just confirmed that I was right to be suspicious of what you are claiming.

However, the data can’t be argued with. It is what it is. Nothing to warp, just to see what it shows.

However, if it doesn’t actually prove what you are claiming, then on what basis are you claiming zkill is the place to look. Without a way to actually support your argument, what you are claiming is no better than any other alternative and it could easily be your warped interpretation of the data.

It isn’t bad to ask for evidence. It’s good practice to actually be able to support what you claim.

The evidence is there. But no kill mail that you will look at will show that there are 10 gank fleets active all the time … simply because you do not need 10x 10-15 gank alts to destroy a freighter. Since there are almost no killmails available that show 10 active gank fleets, you can “disprove” my argument with your interpretation of the data.

But since this is not getting us anywhere, look at the data and then tell me your findings. I bet you will prove what I just wrote true.

Why would anyone think a single killmail would show this? That’s idiotic.

It’s there, or it isn’t there.

If it’s there, then it’ll support what you are claiming (and claiming to have confirmed). If not, then you’ll just be yet another charlatan in the forum that claims things they want to be true, without actually validating it.

We will see.

I will, yes.

And what makes me suspicious, is that I also track ganking behaviour (have for several years), both total ganking and specifically freighter ganking, as part of my own hauling service. I track ganking on a 15 minutes basis and update my local running webapp:

And what you are claiming doesn’t show in the data. Ganking has been decreasing for the last 2 years (and continues to this year) and with the rise of the alt gank fleets, the data doesn’t show (without doing a proper analysis until now), what you are claiming. Even zkillboard doesn’t support that claim in the ganked view:

But, I’ll see what the data shows with a proper analysis. My hunch is, it won’t support what you are claiming, but if it does, then more power to you and I’ll totally support the view that bumping is hardly needed to keep freighter tackled while gank fleets are on criminal timers and can’t undock to gank.

Well, if you shift the goalpost, your data is obviously not showing what I “claim”. Please point out where I said in this thread ganking is increasing or decreasing? Please also quote me where I wrote that gank fleets kill something every 3 minutes on average. That is your new argument and what you wrote.
All I say in this thread is that gank alt fleets are active all the time and by extension can be situated in gank systems on gate grids so that bumping is not necessary any more.

You see, this is exactly what I meant when I wrote “according to your warped data interpretation”. :slight_smile:

I never claimed you said that, and not what I’ll look at (I already know this and have posted the charts in other threads). No posts will be shifted.

You’ve claimed that there are 10 gank fleets operating in parallel all the time.

That’s what I’ll look at, because it seems way off base, but apparently you’ve confirmed it by analysing data.

Good, good. But then please don’t mention it at all. It just gives away the the wrong impression. :slight_smile:

No more than your claim gives the wrong impression if it actually isn’t true.

That depends entirely on how you interpret your data. As said, look at it and present your findings. We’ll see what you come up with.

No it doesn’t. It’s either true or it isn’t.

That’s where you are wrong. But please look at the data first and present it. Then we can continue to discuss because this pointless back and forth without your couterargument supporting data gets us nowhere.

It can’t be both true and not true. Surely you can agree with that. It’s either true that there are 10 gank fleets operating in parallel all the time, or it isn’t.

On this, no. That wouldn’t disprove yours. That would be a stupid analysis.

I agree to that, but your data will not show it for the above mentioned reasons. As said, it will show at most 3 or 4 gank alt fleets active. That does not change the fact that the gank fleets are active since they are all alts of 1 actual player (maybe 2 if we are generous) and can be logged in depending on need.

It’s not my data. It’s CCP generated. Nothing to do with me personally.

If it only shows 3-4 gank fleets active (and I still find this unlikely), then how do you know that there are 10 gank fleets active all the time?

Those two statements make no sense. You either have evidence, or you don’t. It’s either true, or just a warped sense of the situation.

:thinking: That’s what I mean … To you and your data focused mind they don’t make sense. So little sense in fact that you completely ignore that I said all the before mentioned 10+ alt families are alts of one guy. The data will not show 10 active fleets, but since they are all controlled by one actual person, they are still there if needed, thus active. The data just does not show this. :wink: As said, warped interpretation.

Yet, you clamied this:

I suspect they aren’t all one person either, but the data will definitely draw a clear picture of that, so we’ll see.

Evidence focused. In this case, data based, because there is so much data that can support your claim or not, but there are other forms of evidence. However, you pointed to zkill as the source of the evidence:

Hard data. Not feelings.

That I agree with. However, if it was some other form of proof that would also be good evidence. In this case, you indicated data based evidence.