Why do I need to pay to train more than one character at a time?

Ive been a MMO gamer since the launch of Ultima Online. This is the only game that I have ever played that requires me to pay an addition fee to train another toon on an account I already pay a monthly fee for. Whats the logic behind this?

Slightly manipulating the facts here I think.

You cannot train 2 characters at the same time in any other MMO I know of.

For a start in the others you have to actively play one to advance at all, there is no passive offline progression. How are you claiming that character number 2 on your UO account (to take the example you gave) advanced at all while you played character number 1? Not a thing.

Secondly, you can train any other character you like in EVE, character number 2 or character number 3, without paying a penny extra. You just need to pause the training queue of character number 1. So the issue you say is an issue is not even an issue.

So lastly, remember, EVE is just about the only game out there where paying to have a 2nd character you aren’t even playing progress at the same time as the one you are playing is an option.

It’s a bonus, it’s exceptional, it’s unlike anything you can do elsewhere in MMO gaming and that is why it’s a paid service.


Simple answer.

To keep people from making 2 alts just to farm skill points off of with injectors.

If you can train 2 other alts for free, at the same rate as your main, you would just have 3 times the skill training you would now.

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Not at all I can play WOW and work on leveling more than one character by just switching toons. Virtually every other game Ive played its how it works. And since this is the only game ive played that you have to sit and wait for training instead of training and advancement be based off of in game actions. I.E. fighting, crafting, etc.

Unlike any other MMO (like Ultima online), you do not grind to train. There is no killing monsters to level up or using a skill over and over again to improve it.

As such, you level up when even not logged in. Your skill points accumulate constantly. So if you need to take a week off because of work, vacation, etc, you still gain value from your subscription. (Other mmos do not grant you this. If you don’t play, you don’t level).

So to balance this, you only train one character at a time. It is just a different way of training compared to other MMOs.


That makes more sense I understand it a bit better now thank you

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You are not listening.

You can pause the training queue for character number 1 in EVE, switch ‘toons’ to character number 2 and train them.

If you want to stop playing character number 1 who is training Caldari Battleship to level 2, and instead switch to character number 2, put Gallente Frigate 2 into the queue and train that character, you can.

This is free.

The paid service is where both characters would be improving at the same time, even the one you are not playing. You cannot do that in any other MMO I know of.

Also don’t get confused just because EVE puts an actual number on the time required to advance. If it was another MMO, you would still need to spend just as long flying in a Gallente Frigate amassing EXP in order for your skill in that ship type to raise.

I remember UO. It could take hours of swinging a sword, firing a bow or taming creatures to gain a single % increase in your skill. EVE just puts a number on that time and it happens passively, which could be seen as a huge plus. Not only can you do other things while it trains, you can even log off and let it train while you sleep.

This is a good thing when you realize the advantages of this system.

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Unless you happened to be using that skill during the bug that hit just after UO went live. I ended up with a “grand master bowyer” because of that bug. Would have been nicer if it were a combat skill.

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Skill injectors say there is killing monsters to level up these days, but then you’re using someone else’s training queue.

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