Multiple character training

Why can’t multiple character training be an omega feature instead of having to pay even more money to do so?

How many mmo do you know where multiple characters on the same account level and gain xp at the same time?

I can creat as many characters as I please and level them all up. I’ve never played another game where I am required to train skills over a set period of time, but I feel like if we are paying 19.99 dollars for onw month they should allow you to train skills for all three characters on your account. If it is another account then yeah you need to sub again.

Yup, just like EVE. But they do not level up AT THE SAME TIME, just like EVE.

If you want to train another character, pause training and… train the other character. Just like you would level another character in another MMO. No different.

Any other game with artificial time-gating mechanics is even more monetarily predatory than Eve Online’s MCT system is. Lookin’ at mobile games as the obvious egregious offender here.

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I don’t normally play many mobile games honestly

You can get two Omega accounts for the same price, and having two accounts online simultaneously is much more useful than having two characters training on one account…


You have to level those characters up one at a time though don’t you? You can’t play all 3 at once in another game either…

Is this person complaining they arent getting enough passive XP?

My hat the krabs get greedier and more avarice filled by the second.

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