Why does my cruiser produce more damage per turret than my battle cruiser

When I put my hybrid turret on my cruiser its damage modifier reads 6.445 x, the result of that loaded for example with antimatter charges is the turrets DPS is at 35.1, the thermal damage is at 64 hp, and the Kinetic Damage is at 90 hp.
So when I put the same turret on my Battle cruiser loaded with the sames charges I expected a small 5% drop, as my cruiser has a 5% bonus to medium turrets, but my battle cruiser doesn’t. However the difference is much greater. the Battlecruiser is putting out around 12% less damage. And I cant figure out why.
Does anyone know, can anyone help?

Is this Vexor v Myrmidon?

Ships and fits will help and then I’m sure we’ll be able to help.

Also, what is your Cruiser skill level and your Battlecruiser skill level?

Is the bonus “per skill level” bonus?

If you’ve got reasonable skill in a Cruiser - and you’ll need at least Level 3 of the Cruiser skill before you can train the Battlecruiser skill, then the bonus to the Cruiser is at least 15% (3x5%). If the Battlecruiser doesn’t have a bonus of any form then I’d expect the kind of difference you are seeing (a drop of around 13% from the cruiser to the battlecruiser)

This applies to going from a Thorax (five Hybrids with bonuses) to a Myrmidon (five Hybrids, but the bonuses are to Drone damage at 10% per level). I assume that’s the case here as I can’t see a pair of ships that meet the description. If that is the case, then you are probably going to find not having the tracking bonus a bit of a nasty surprise as well.

You’ve gone from a ship optimised for turrets to one optimised for drones.
Have a look at the Brutix as a Gallente turret based Battlecruiser.

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Yes this is the Vexor to the Myrmidon. Both my Cruiser and Battle Cruiser are level 3.

Thanks I think I understand now. The Vexor is optimised for both Turrets and Drones, and the Myrmidon is optimised in part for drones, with no turret optimisation.

Yes, correct.

Per skill level, the Vexor has 5% bonus to hybrid turret damage and 10% bonus to drone damage.

However, the Myrm has a 10% drone damage bonus per level, but no turret damage bonus.

So for your level III cruiser skills, the Vexor has 15% turrent damage bonus and 30% drone damage bonus.

While for your level III battlecruiser skills, the Myrm has 30% drone damage bonus, but no addition bonus for the turrets being fit.

Fitting options (eg. Magnetic Field Stabilisers) can also provide bonuses to hybrid turret damage and to rate of fire (which also increases DPS as the guns fire more often), and that would apply to any ship you fit them to.

Ah nice one. Well that does make much more sense. Thanks so much.

their real surprise will be in learning how well medium hybrids compare to large hybrids.

For a myrmidon… Autocannons are love, Autocannons are life. If you want to fit guns, that is, because precisely what Scipio said, no bonus to any turret of any variety, and ACs don’t require cap and have generally better projection.

And autocannons on a max tank Punisher is cool.

I like autocannons myself. Here is my alt in an autocannon myrm teaching some wannabe mercs a lesson.

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