How to optimize my Medium Hybrid Turrets!

Until now I was fighting with drones mostly (Gallente) and have now moved to ships who depend more on Turrets (Navy Brutix & Dominix). My question is, I have now a ship outfitted with medium hybrid turrets (Brutix) and have looked the internet for an overview of skills that influence the efficiency/effect of Hybrid turrets. Soon I will outfit the Brutix with Large Hybrid turrets. Anyone out there that can point me in the right direction?

Ps. With my drones I fight quite safe long or even out of range, the Turrets with short optimal range force you to get in the middle of it… I have to get used to that! :))

I highly recommend getting Pyfa (ship fitting tool which works out of game).

It has many useful features, but one which applies directly to your question is, you can see a list of all skills which apply to a module. Getting this report for the turrets would show you all the skills which would improve their use.

Another pro-tip: Every type of ammo has a different optimal/falloff range. Pyfa will show you the ordered range (closest to farthest), and then actually selecting one will show you the range you will see, with your actual skills applied (should you tie your skills into Pyfa. I forget what it’s called, ESI or something).

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Start by looking at the hull bonuses for your ship. Brutix can be fit for blasters (short range brawling) or rail guns (long range kiting) and has bonuses for active armor repair.

You can’t fit large turrets on the Brutix - nor would you want to. Larger guns have problems tracking small targets. If you’re mostly fighting small and medium ships, medium turrets are the way to go.

The skills that influence hybrid turrets are described at:

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Does that tool tel you wich skill you minimally need or also which ones to optimize so you do more damage?
(I am lookoing for the second, what skill will improve my blasters (Heavy Neuron Blasters II)


If you don’t have the skills needed for the fit, the skillbook icon in the upper right will be red, and hovering over it will show a tooltip listing which skills are needed to use the fit. If it’s green, you have the skills needed.

If you select one of the hybrid turrets in the fit window and right-click, then hover over “change module skills”, you will see a graphic of all skills which affect that module, and where the skills are now. So you can see what skills can be raised to improve DPS.

Like drones, it’s recommended that you get the core common skills trained, as will effect not only the current turrets you’re using but all. (rapid fire, motion prediction, etc… )

The individual turret skills on increase damage and unlock better turrets of that type.

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