Confused about hybrid weapons

I trained into gallente ships and hybrid turrets, and experiments with different fits. what I am confused about is what exactly is the difference between Ion, Neutron and Electron blasters? I compared and the only different I can see is different rate of fire, but is that all? thanks.

btw any suggestions for cheap fits on low sec ratting? incursus/atron? no drones plz.

Neutron Blasters have more dmg/rate of fire/range however it cost more capacitor per shoot and use more CPU & PG then Ion and Electron. Ion is middel option and Electron is lowest CPU & PG and cap.

so if your ship has enough PG and CPU to fit use Neutron blasters and if you struggle with fitting them use Ion or if you still struggle then use Electron as the final option… its all depends on your skills/ship you have/use


In addition to what Katarina has already listed:

The “smaller” variants also have a higher tracking value… so in regards to tracking…

Electrons > Ions > Neutrons

As additional little tip

When you want to compare different modules there is a very useful “compare tool” hidden in the neocom where you can directly compare the attributes of different modules.

You find it in the Neocom -> Utilities -> Compare Tool

Drag the items you want to compare into the right hand side of the window… and on the left hand side you can check the little boxes for the attributes you want to compare.

Edit: You will most likely need to increase the size of the window to actually see the columns that list the attributes


for atron use something like this

Magnetic Field Stabilizer I
Damage Control I
Inertial Stabilizers I

Small Shield Booster I
Stasis Webifier I
1MN Afterburner I

Light Neutron Blaster I
Light Neutron Blaster I
Light Neutron Blaster I
Salvager I

Small Anti-Thermal Screen Reinforcer I
Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I
Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer I

dont just copy and paste please… use in-game fitting simulator and experiment around… ideally you want something with active tanking not buffer tank for PvE

also I recommend you stay in high-sec because in low-sec there are bad players want to kill you and rats are much stronger in low-sec then in high-sec

In lowsec or low security space nobody will face retaliation from CONCORD ships after introducing you to the player versus player ship vs ships combat.
Only the perception that what you do gets interrupted by what someone else is doing is perceived as bad or not.
That lays in the eye of the beholder and you can make up your mind about that. It is not as binary as black and white or on and off.


okay I think thats fine for me, I am native amarr and invested into capacitors.

oh nice! thanks! I am just looking for the highest tracking!

thats so nice of you, thanks. but I believe I will be fine, as I went to low sec a few times in my cheap fitted executioner and survived. also killed a few rats. even if I loose the ship I would hope the bounty from the rats can pay for the fit.

yeah, as a new player I am still scared by low sec, but if local chat widow is empty I’d feel very safe.

edit: if CCP wants to name their guns after subatomic particles why is it neutron, electron and ion? but not neutron, electron, and proton?

We all used to be. Fear is nothing bad and keeps you on your toes. In time that fear will be nothing more than a tingle that you will experience every time you do encounter another player.

The more you do, the less that fear will paralyze you and the better you will be able to deal with those situations.

EVE is very unique that way. The winner takes all but every time you learn something new.

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To make things even easier, if you only want to compare items that are variants of each other (like only ion blasters, for example), you can hit the “variants” tab in your info window and then click on the “compare” button, this will take you to the compare-tool immediately, with all variants pre-selected. Then you only have to select the attributes you want to compare.

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Don’t be afraid of low-sec. Outside of the main entry systems and some pipe connectors, it’s completely desolate. You can find a cluster of systems somewhere off the beaten path, get a few ships into there, and live in paradise without encountering anyone for days.

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Oh yeah, this is true. And very annoying if you’re accidentally put yourself into such an empty stretch of LowSec while doing FW, trying to lure people into fights with you.

Though if you want to rack up loyalty points and finish your favorite podcast/ebook at the same time, it can be great.

okay its more based o experience I guess.

oh yeah I only go to systems with 0 players I space, and if someone jumps in I will chat with them. most are just passing by and so far I met non who is here just to kill people.

somehow I found FW the most dangerous thing I ever done, every time I go to a complex I die in <1 min. its full of navy frigates like comment ad hook bills

That sometimes happens. Since I’m doing FW mostly in T1-frigates, I’ve made sure to have at least 1-2 save spots in system and when I see something like a Cruor on D-scan, I align out and bounce as soon as they drop on grid.

Though sometimes these cheeky bastards overdo it, and then you can laugh at them when their assault frigate stops at the gate because it’s one of those that only let faction and T1-frigs through. :stuck_out_tongue:

its like that but you got killed in amamake and huola
2 bad ass systems lol :smiley:

btw i live like 3 jumps from them in the center
the people that got you are pirates
the dock workers for example are a infamous group

ahh yes, if you don’t tell me I would thought they are actual dock workers, this guy looks like he is camping in the FW gate and I died many times trying to get in the complex.

Why limit yourself to only hydrogen ions (protons) when you can ionisate a lot more substances to shoot at your enemies?

btw guys something very awkward happened while I tried my new hybrid on ratting. I found a clone soldier of blood raider, almost killed him but ran out of ammo ad had to leave :frowning:

I still think lasers are the best weapon of all.

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clone soldier have good loot , next time you get it

me to :smiley:

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guess I should bring more than 560 ammo for my three guns. sadly I have to jump back to Amarr oris to buy the ammo I needed. I wonder how much is enough though, because I never reload my lasers

edit: the clone soldier is in a blood raider cruiser that looked like a Maller. I wonder how much DPS is needed to kill him fast. I had 106 DPS but his active tank is a huge problem. shooting at him straight for 5 min, but only cracked half way through his armour.

edit 2: hybrids are maybe not my type, I tried and failed. as an Amarr, I will stick to lasers for now. (although my laser executioner have less DPS than my incursus)

Calculate how much ammo you use per minute, and bring at least 20 minutes’s worth of your primary ammo (for blasters, for example, that would be Void) every single time you undock. I also carry some Null and some faction antimatter just in case.

You were probably at the cusp of breaking the tank. That DPS figure is a bit low. What’s your ship/setup?

As for amount of Hybrid / Projectile ammo to have in cargohold, it’s best to have a few different damage types in your cargohold with each type consisting of 2000 to 5000 rounds. Basically when in Frigate you’ll carry a few different types in 2000 round stacks and when in Cruiser or larger hull class ships you should increase those stacks to at least 5000 rounds.

Now this might not help but I’m Minmatar running T2 projectile weapons so I usually just carry 3 types of ammo, Tech 2 Hail for short range high damage & Tech 2 Barrage for long range low damage, along with 1 type of Faction ammo, Republic Fleet Phased Plasma for medium range medium damage.