Why does trade have to cough up all the isk sinks?

+1 on wiping everything.

I´ll just liquify everything and invest everything into Plex, which CCP would never include into something like that and most likely come out of the whole thing with even more space wealth.

Great Idea!

Tell that to every big corp or alliance, now stop their logistics and see how much production happens? Eventually destruction will follow.

This is actually a good thing. That transactions taxes were higher in August in July is, IMO, a good thing.

Why? Because it indicates a greater level of consumption in August that in July. Given the way things are going I’d like to see even mover consumption in game. I’d also like to see even more ISK creation. Lots more ISK creation. Unfortunately the transaction tax fell in September relative to August. As did the Brokers Fee, the LP Store, Skill Purchase, Skill, and Blueprint…

PLEX has far less to do with anything than…anything else. It’s merely a commodity with COGS like any other traded item. How it was acquired is moot.

Teckos, seriously, if you’re going to pretend to be an economist you need to pay attention to facts.

Higher fees in August indicates that CCP boosted the fees and taxes in August, not higher consumption.
Updates to Sales Tax and Broker Fees

It’s pretty much what the whole thread is about.


yeah i just tried to buy a injector in jita
sell 818m
buy 794m
i try to buy 794m and after fees it is 835m
what a load of garbage

When you sell plex on the market you are taxed, when you buy plex on the market you are taxed. the taxes work both ways so if you buy plex to sell you lose a good bit to the taxes, but you ofcourse can charge more to make up for the taxes so long as the plex market responds with all bottom price lines, other wise that price you put to make up for the loss of taxes may not be the first sell order which causes you to wait for yours to sell

you didn’t buy the one for 794 m then. someone had one at 835 and thats the one you purchased.

i didnt purchase any yet
i tried to create a buy order for 794 and the cost of the buy order was 835 so i didnt do it because its stupid and dumb

It’s your fault for placing a buy order at a non-player owned market and suffering the NPC taxes. Set up a buy order in Tranquility Trading Towers in Perimeter and you’ll see how it’s possible that people can put up very thin margin orders.

i didnt put up an order i didnt buy anything yet

This is horizontal ISK movement - the ISK moves horizontally from one player to another.

Faucets and sinks are vertical ISK movement - the total money supply is either going up (faucet) or down (sink).

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Lol, nobody pays more than 0.5% broker fee on buy orders in Jita. That’s why you see this tight spread.

i have to pay 5.1%

well i mean i cant set it to immediate if no order exists at the price i am offering… i would just buy it otherwise
probably better to just buy through local chat

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Then you are dumb, sorry.


If you’re gonna insult someone, you better have the balls to commit, at least.

Also, we told you how to get lower Brokers Fees.

Use a player owned markets in player owned citadels. The brokers fees are set MUCH lower than NPCs. If you are still placing buy orders in an NPC station and eating brokers fees up the wazoo, that’s your fault for being dumb. USE PLAYER OWNED MARKETS, they have MUCH lower broker’s fees.

If you still choose to pay 5.1% by setting up an order in an NPC station, then you’re a lost cause. We tried to help and you still refused to listen.

why are you quoting posts after i deleted them
and you didnt tell me anything useful all you did was try to blame me for something that never happened
i dont need to listen to people like you or tipa

Player owned markets have lowers Brokers fees (this means you pay less).
NPC owned markets have higher Brokers fees (this means you pay more).

You pick which one you want to set up orders in.

idc what you posted its not useful or relevant to me
i already know about player owned stations that has nothing to do with what i said
youre just looking for an excuse to whine at someone
well go whine at your mom