Why French Forums are the last one?

I know we love wines and smelly cheese, but why we are at the very bottom of the new forum.
Are we the “alpha” of the eve communauties ?

French military victories maybe?

Sorry, just couldn’t resist that one :slight_smile:

I think they should give forums a suitable flag. Like :flag_white: for the french. Maybe a little bit bigger

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You are the newest group to get localization.

Et alors, c’est quoi le rapport avec la choucroute ? On devrait être en premier justement, plein de nouveaux clients… Ce mec ne bitera jamais rien à rien…

Because we no longer have Japanese forums :disappointed:

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Just remove it, it’s even better :wink: (oh wait, je suis français … :smirk:)

cause froggies are the first to die in game and the first to be spammed…you can’t be first everywhere!

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